The Knowledge of the Inevitability of death and its Application to Daily Life.

Posted: October 29, 2014 by Dorian in Uncategorized

I won’t be talking about love,justice,hope or any of those things that light people up inside. I’m gonna be talking about a much colder subject many people shy away from. I’ll be talking about death.
     Now I know you’ll be a little surprised and probably ask in your mind, ” death? why death?”. Well, good question. Death as we all know is an inevitable phenomenon. But have you ever had the thought that this “death is inevitable” theory can make you a better person if you just don’t discard it as trivial ?.
     A friend of mine once told me “Dhebbie, think death, act right”. He went on to say that he had gotten it from Steve Jobs and asked my opinion about it. In my “don’t think I’m dumb” fashion, I babbled this way and that till I was out of words. He smiled and said nothing.
     Some weeks ago, a mate brought up the death issue again and my mind travelled way back down the memory lane to early 2012 when I was a freshman in senior secondary school. I had this classmate who was a jovial fellow who always made us laugh. I can’t remember what he did to cannot me,but I stopped talking to him. A friend of mine stopped being friends with him too. Oh, he could really be annoying sometimes.
     After a while,due to his infectious cheerfulness, I become a bit friendly towards him but as fate would have it, the whole of my class was transferred to another block in the school. With this, I had an excuse not to go say hi to him nor my friend (same class) and since my new class was nearer to the cafeteria, I didn’t see the need to spend time with him.
     The only time I saw him was in the  morning assembly where his thunderous claps to accompany songs was his trademark. I would eye him playfully and laugh. One of such days was the day I saw him last. He died in June 2012.
     To say I was devastated is an understatement. I wished he could breathe for just five more minutes so I could let him know I held no grudge.. So I could hold his hands and tell him not to panic. I wished I hadn’t laughed at him when he came limping to the school assembly the last time I saw him. I wished I had gone to his class often, pulled his ears and made him laugh. I wished could have shown him I cared about him,but he was already dead.
     It felt like a dream. My friend ( the other gal) was inconsolable. She cried so much but it was too late. She didn’t even have a chance to say a word to him before he died. I consoled myself by telling myself “at least I smiled at him”. But deep down, I felt so much pain because knew it was never enough. I couldn’t sleep well for days. I became moody and depressed. My parents began to worry if I’d ever stop mourning him.
     The ugly incident has been long forgotten by many now and I’ve forgiven myself,but I can’t erase the memories of his booming laughter, pranks and taunts from my mind. At least, I have something to remember him by.
     Now,the major reason I wrote this is because I came to realise that I had been looking at the whole incident from one angle. I then tried to think about it from my late mate’s point of view. What if he had thought about the things he would have loved to do and he realised that it was all too late because he was gonna die? What if he had wanted to tell my other friend that he was sorry about all what he had done to hurt her? What if there had been so many things he would have loved to say to each of us, the people who made up his life: his family, friends and loved ones??
     I then tried to put myself in his shoes. What if I knew I was going to leave the world in the next three hours? What if the doctor tells mom and dad that I have just three more days left to say goodbye? What would I cry over ? What would I regret ? What would I blame myself and shed tears for? What would I wish I had done better? What would I wish I had told someone?
    Death is not something we can escape or run away from,we know. But as we live and breathe,day in,day out, let us remember that a day will come when our bodies will go cold, our lips will be unable to move, our hands unable to feel the touch of another human, our eyes will be unable to see the love,fear,passion or even pity in the eyes of another. We,would be dead to this world. All our words,thoughts, aims, goals dreams and actions that we never brought out of us will go with us six feet below the earth crust.
     With this, I would encourage us to live. Live all you can,help anyone who needs something within your power,show the people that you care about that you live them. Hold no grudge against anyone. Impact and touch lives so that when your time is near,you would have no regrets, you would shed no tears of pain, anguish and regret about the things you left undone,about the words you left unsaid, about the dreams you killed with procrastination, about the love you refused to show,about the people you failed to forgive,about the lives you failed to ignite with hope and the hearts you failed to infuse with passion and love.
     As I conclude this piece with a heavy heart, I do hope I have been able to make you pause,think and live your life, in a better way because you never know when your time will be up. My late friend left us when he was 15. You are never too young or too old to make an impact.
     Live your life well,as much as you can when you still breathe.
          For Matt.
       (sniffs again).

  1. Abbas gbemisayo says:

    Hmmmmm…….dats true.thumb up


  2. Dyphor says:

    RIP Matt..


  3. Damilola says:

    Nice write-up Debby. I am proud of you.


  4. stevoflames says:

    nyc bt touching write up…….


  5. Abbas gbemisayo says:

    Really touching write up


  6. Astra "that igbo boy" says:

    Urrrrh’ . . . . Rest In Peace Matt Bro. . Dhebby. . Touchy! Creative Post. . . ItOtally Dislike Death Talks thO. . Esp. Abou’ Teenaqers Who Die Younq. .


  7. simon Daniel says:

    when the mind is at rest,the soul feels best.the people who wil kill(not death)in our silence are the people we needed most in life…Mathew,your memories remain foreva.


  8. simon Daniel says:

    Nice post debby…… are rili someone we need in dis generation…


  9. Joshua says:

    Death is Inevitable truly!
    Heart t0uchinq write-up Dhebbie..
    Way t0uchinq!!!


  10. 1thoughtRevolution says:

    Debbie God bless the day we met. “The dreams we killed with procrastination”


  11. wendychinwe3 says:

    you’re welcome dhebby


  12. ndubuisi samuel says:

    rip matthew i will never 4get u..thanks dhebie


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