Posted: October 31, 2014 by stevano007 in Getting Inspired, Yes I Believe.


Its always being said that the world is filled with opportunities, but it appears most of these opportunities are not visible, maybe not for those that are myopic in view, maybe cause most of em are hidden in ideas that doesnt look feasible. But i dont think the fortold opportunities are illusions, i think finding them is possible. One good way of finding opportunities is in looking into where the needs of the society lies. Making the fulfilment of societal need a priority not only create opportunity and benefits for yourself but also helps satisfy the society at large as this will help create an improved difference in the society.

Lets take a look at an example of someone who have achieved this, and made the world a better place for the Homo sapien specie

CHEN GUANGBIAO- This chinese billonaire sold can of fresh air to the chinese population,the product “Chen Guangbiao Nice Guy” sells for about $0.80 per can. Sounds insane for some people, But the Chinese population has been experiencing a worsening air pollution recently, beginning to make sense?. Making Needs Benefit, creates opportunities and satisfies everyone.

There are lots other “Chen” out there who have achieved and some probably still achieving this. Why cant you be one of em …. Find People’s need today and create an opportunity.


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