Posted: November 4, 2014 by Dorian in Politics & emerging issues
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And again, I ask myself ,” what if I were a Chibok girl and had been kidnapped on April 15,2014,along with 200 others? Now, before you say “huh! God forbid!” in your mind, let’s be realistic here. Would I have even written the examination I’d earnestly prepared for? Would I have had the opportunities to allow my black pen dance on paper to my heart’s content?

     And again, I ask myself, how would my mother feel? Wouldn’t there be tears in her eyes and a huge boulder-like burden on her mind when she comes to check on  me at 5 in the morning and discovers I’m not curled up in bed? That is even if she had slept at all.
I then imagine, how much pain she would feel when for days, she will not be able to laugh, talk and tease me. How she won’t have anyone to remind her of how pretty she is, that is even if she has the strength to go anywhere.

     And yet again, I ask “how would dad feel?” Wouldn’t there be a bugging pain in his eyes when he absent-mindedly calls out “baby?” and he realises I had been away from home, taken to a place he can’t reach? How would he feel when he remembers that he couldn’t protect me? How would he feel, knowing that I’m away, far away from his stern eyes that always seem to correct me and his strong arms that I always feel can shield me from anyone? I then imagine, how pained he would feel, one palm to support his chin, as he’ll be lost in thought and grieve because he couldn’t protect me.

     And again, I ponder, “how would my kid brother, Samuel feel?” How will he express his artistic self when he knows I’m the only one he can always show his anime drawings and be encouraged with a cheery smile?  What if I had been kidnapped? Would Samuel have called me his hero yesterday when I helped him with his essay? He would have probably shed bitter tears, fully aware that he would not have gotten a good mark, simply because I wasn’t there for him. Wouldn’t he be dreadfully lonely and sad because he wouldn’t have been able to follow me everywhere around the house telling me about his day and his latest comic idea?

     And I ask myself, “what about my siblings” wouldn’t Josephine, my sister cry her eyes out? Wouldn’t she feel like a part of her was gone? And Joseph, my brother, would he not feel like a failure, someone who wasn’t there for “Lil sis”, as he calls me, when she needed him?

     And what about my friends? Wouldn’t Tobi be worried sick about me? Wouldn’t Sola, Gideon and Sam be so bothered, would they be able to think straight? Wouldn’t Joey be terribly lonely and depressed? Wouldn’t all my other friends be moody? Would I have had the chance of creating a blog? Would I have had the chance of following my passion to mold and influence, positively,other teenagers like me?

     And what about me? Wouldn’t I be scared for my life? Would I not fear, cry and think that the end has come? Would I not feel untold pain, in my body, right under my chest and even in my mind? Would I not be frightened because I have to stay with mature males whose libidos have no restraint? What would have happened to my dreams, my goals and my aims? What would have happened to the way I saw and viewed life? How would I feel, living in the throes of danger, sexual & physical abuse, pain and fright? How would I feel when it dawns on me that I may never be rescued? What will I think  about love, courage, strength and hope? Would my life ever be the same again?

     Many of us are not bothered about these girls, because the concept of “kidnap of Chibok girls” seems distant, despite the fact that a lot of us are girls, many have sisters nieces and others have daughters, all girls! Have you ever paused, to think about the pain and agony their family, friends and loved ones may be passing through? If I had been taken away forcefully and had caused so much pain to my family,friends and loved ones, how much more 200+ girls??

     Each day I wake and I remember, I feel bad, it pains me so much, that more than 200 female children are somewhere, away from family, in pain and in sexual enslavement. Do they even have hope? Do they believe in “faith” anymore? Have they even given up? Have you?

     It could have happened to anyone.
What if it were your sister?
What if it were your niece?
What if it were your friend?
What if it were your daughter?
     What if it were you?
     What if if were me?

  1. Damilola says:

    This is really nice Debby.


  2. hmmmm!! What if ?
    Chibok girls, fact or fiction, saddens the heart.
    The depth of wickedness in man is unlimited. And no man is immune to this, We only ask Yahweh to shield us from this or give us strength when they come!!

    Pls, whatever you do, please read these two novels.

    Kite Runner


    A thousand splendid suns


  3. Briconcruz says:

    dat was a good 1 dear


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