Goal Setting; Is It Your Thing?

Posted: November 7, 2014 by Dorian in School & Study
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What do you know about goal setting? Many of us(especially teenagers) don’t even have our goals written in black and white,tacked to a strategic place where we can see it every morning to remind us where we’re headed and to nudge us in the right direction.

We all want to succeed, that, is a fact. But have you ever asked yourself these questions:
“What are my goals?”
“What are my top three goals?”
What are the daily steps I take
towards achieving them?”
“Do I have them written on paper to remind me daily?”
If your answer to these questions mostly negative, then, I’m afraid you are floating. And if your answer to two or three of these questions are positive, then I must say your desires are weak.

Many people leave their goals in their minds, not bothering to write them down, because they think that their minds are more powerful than paper. You must know that “the shortest pencil is better than the longest memory”. When your goals are put down in black and white and are never beyond the reach of your eyes, you become motivated and eager to work towards them. When you see them, what comes to your mind is: “Geeeez, have I done this or that today towards achieving my goal?”

My father once told me that “preceding accomplishment must be a desire”, which means that before you accomplish something, you must have strongly like longed for it. You can’t afford to have a weak desire, your desire MUST be strong and very definite. For a student to wish to pass an examination is just a weak longing, but for him or her to desire to have 6 A’s in the next examination is a definite desire that can be pressed to fulfilment.

Some of us fail to set goals because we don’t know the joy and power of doing so. Don’t you know that you become stronger when you set goals and make efforts towards achieving them? Don’t you know that mere looking at your written goals motivates you? Others do not set goals because they are afraid of possible or previous failures. Do you not know that Confucius (a Chinese sage) once said “our greatest glory is not in never falling but rising every time we fall?” How do you intend to succeed when you don’t prepare to? And even if you do fail, you can always say a big NO to defeat and try again.

Though it is normal to feel sad and depressed when you don’t get what you want,it is also abnormal to stay depressed and do nothing to improve yourself. It happens a lot. I had, and still have my fair share of down moments too. I remembered when I first got 74 (B2) in a subject I was really good at, once in SS2. I felt really terrible. I felt stupid and depressed until a classmate wanted to comfort me and asked what the matter was. “I got 74 in…” I managed to say in a shaky voice. He looked at me, with his eyes wide with surprise. “Is that why you’re crying?, I got 54”. Immediately he said that, I stopped being moody and let it go. I eventually did better in the final examinations.

Now, I’m going to teach you how to set your goals. One, you MUST decide what you want from this life. Life is too short to just exist, die and be forgotten. You must decide what and how you’ll impact. It is up to you to decide, because if you don’t care what happens to your life, nobody will. Its up to you.

Second, you have to write down on a piece of paper, EVERY single dream, goal and desire that is presently IMPORTANT to you. Please note, this is no wish list, where you write things like:
i. Game console
ii. A huge bass guitar.   NO!   This is important to your life, they are goals, not actually wishes. Write down anything that you’ve ever wanted to DO, BECOME, or POSSESS. Don’t leave it in the mind.

Third, choose the top three goals (probably short-term) of the long list. Write down at least five daily actions you can do towards achieving your goal. You have to keep it mind that a huge success is simply little successes linked together.

Do not forget that your desires must be backed up with a great strength of purpose and commitment. I hope this helps you. I’d love to answer your questions if you have any.

and     BECOME IT

  1. akingboye emmanuel says:

    For me,we still ave people who dont write down dere goals nd dey ave it in mind,nd dey still achieve dere goals,,,xo hw iz dat possible???


  2. Popemike says:

    Right. Buh I can place my goals within the walls of my mind and everyday I wake, I’ll know what I must do this day that would be in accordance with my goal. A nice post tho*. .


  3. mckevwill says:



  4. Abbas gbemisayo says:

    Hmm…..writing down our goals and working 2wards it is still d best.welldone!!!


  5. simon Daniel says:

    i am always motivated in ur speech,write-up nd actions…..jst keep it up cos it will take u somwer,smday nd smtym….


  6. Really like this..changed sumtn within me..it cool


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