Posted: November 27, 2014 by aces027 in Getting Inspired, School & Study

Everybody wants to get awesome grades in school. Getting straight ‘A’s is the dream of every student/scholar. But all these doesnt come easy, it could though, if you have the right strategies for carrying out your mission (to be a straight ‘A’ grader).. Here are some steps that can put you through…

Effective time management: Time is one of the greatest factors each student needs to utilize. You need to be ahead of time, ’cause time waits for no man. Try doing things at the right time.. Make sure your assignments are taken care off the moment they are been given to you. Know when to go to bed and when to rise. There’s time to play and time to work hard. Don’t waste a single second of your time doing unbeneficial things because it would never help.

Study hard: This is a key factor to becoming a better student. Study hard, read books, read your textbooks, get other textbooks for better understand.. Make use of the internet. Go to the library. Be an ardent reader, because they say ‘knowledge is power’.

Choose the right company: There are sayings, ‘show me your friends and i’ll tell you who you are’ and also ‘by their fruits, we shall know them’. Try walking with the right company. Avoid bad influence, cause they corrupt good manner. Be good and stay safe.

Minimize social networking: social networking has become a menace to Nigerian students especially. Nobody wants to read, all they do is to ping, chat, etc.. Social networks like facebook, bbm, 2go, whatsapp, viber, etc were made for good things, yes… But too much of everything is bad.. Try creating time for it..

Put God first: God grants grace to we humans to always excel, putting him first doesnt make you Jew, or a ‘non-happening’ guy/girl.. Put him first in your academics and see yourself getting better grades…

I’m sure this will help every teen out there.. Be good, stay safe cause you’re important…


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