“WHEN I GET THERE” , the Teenage Projection

Posted: November 29, 2014 by jayyajene in Getting Inspired
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Popular cliché right? As younglings growing up, when we see the foul play that goes on in the government of our dear nation, we oftentimes try to imagine ourselves in that position of authority and of course, we always seem,in our minds, just who the country needs. Come to think of it, those at the helm of affairs in government today were once teens,just like us and perhaps had the same thoughts. Well, if they are working or not in line with their ‘childhood manifestos’ isn’t really my call to make.

Alright, our leaders are corrupt, the economy is melting, poverty slowly creeping in and there you are; an inexperienced teenager, too small to make a difference. That moment, ‘yea a pretty awkward one’, when you say “when I get there, I’ll be different”. Now let me ask; do you really have to wait that long? What about right there at school, as a class rep or a prefect?. What about at home; in your neighbourhood,in church or at the mosque? At every point in time when you were given that mantle of leadership, what difference did you make? Every place you’ve been where you were called to serve, what impact did you make? I would have said you should leave your answers in the comments box but then I’m not the one who needs them, you are!

Now, it’s not all about wishful thinking. Why chase dreams when you can realize them?. Why wait so long for a tomorrow which is never promised to no one when u have today’s battles to fight. It’s good to be long-sighted and see way ahead of others but why not do it this way; as we say “when I get there, I’ll be different” that shouldn’t be the end of the statement. Try adding this; “but before that, there’s still a lot of difference to make now”. This way, it becomes a part of us and indeed when we get there,because we will, we get to change the game,not the game changing us.


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