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2+2 equals 4,that, you may know, you may have mastered your times table from your primary school days. You may have or may have not been the best with math, it might even be your bane. Or maybe you are very good at counting money (LOL) that you can tell how much an amount is just by looking at stacks of cash(or maybe an estimate).


Or is it that you are very good at counting and remembering who and who has made you angry?, how many times you have failed at what you tried achieving?, at how much you think you can’t amount to anything real ’cause your family is not a power broker in the society? Well bravo! your arithmetic skills are top draw on these areas.

You know, some mathematical calculations need certain formulae and laws to execute them, unfortunately (or fortunately), learning how to count your blessings needs no Pythagorean formula, no calculus, nor the ‘Almighty formula’.

Have you realised you are the only one with a particular skill, trait, character in a whopping 7+ Billion people?, only YOU! just YOU! Have you realised that even the money you so much desire can’t buy you the breath of life ( Mordsiths in Legend of the Seeker are fictional, don’t even go there).


Come on!, you might not have noticed how powerful you are, and the strength of your choices. Maybe this quote might be true, “The arithmetic which is to be mastered is that which enables us to count our blessings” HOW GOOD IS YOUR ARITHMETIC? #1ThoughtRevolution. We’ll get there.

  1. Abbas gbemisayo says:

    Lolz…….then lets name dis formula Blessing Formula


  2. Nani says:

    That’s all? I think I’m a genius in arithmetic. I count my blessings wela #greatpiece


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