Posted: December 3, 2014 by Joy in Literary Corner, Yes I Believe.


I am a Christian, and I admit
That God made the heaven,
And the earth beneath it.
He finished all by day seven,
And this might not sound legit
But he created me & that’s a given.

I am a scientist, and I am aware
That all those fossils
That show evolution from Pikaia
Are not at all false,
And it’s very hard to compare
This bio-science with the gospel.

Now let’s do ‘the creation’ x-ray
“We evolved from fish” (science herewith)
But weren’t we made on the sixth day,
After the fish was created on the fifth?
No matter how you see it, it’s still Yahweh
The bible is alive, it’s surely not a myth.

“We didn’t evolve the next day”, they say.
“A day is like 1000 years to the lord” replies Peter.
I don’t know how true science is by the way,
Nor am I sure of what to believe in science either.
But I know God’s love for us is agape,
Despite knowing everything we do and deeper.

I am not trying to explain God with science
I am just trying to explain science with God
Science might not be true, no bias
But if it is, it can only be based in the word
Mutual exclusion is not possible for my conscience,
And if it ever comes to that, I would always choose God.

  1. Abbas gbemisayo says:

    Really!!!!!me too,i will choose God.


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