Posted: December 4, 2014 by 1thoughtrevolution in Uncategorized


Hello there, how are you doing? Well, some people are having a pity party and I thought it would be okay to invite you, will you come? You see, the venue will be at social media platforms, over the radio and TV programmes, bars and drinking pubs etc, so there is no problem of a distant location.

Some of our parents, friends, teachers and other teens are already in attendance and are active contributors to the ‘fun’. The reason for this party as I was told, is to discuss or just complain on the govt making our life poor and how we have no part to play in our own destiny as it’s solely dependent on govt.


Also lest I forget, you have to be registered and endorsed as a member of the Nigerian Association Of The Masses (NAOTM) or the pressure group, We The Poor Nigerians (WTPM) as we will meet to complain and relegate all our will and blame our individual inabilities, failures, lackadaisical towards work on the govt and the economy[after all, we are in democracy; going by Abe Lincoln’s definition]   I promise it will be fun.



Finally, I urge you all coming, to look for other reasons to blame everyone but ourselves including the politicians and the situation for us to collectively talk about. [ By the way,there’ll be no refreshment/Item7 due to the poor economic situation in the country]

So,are you gonna be there? Cheers!


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