Posted: December 4, 2014 by 1thoughtrevolution in Uncategorized

“If opportunities does not knock, build a door ”



I’m sitting here at Life’s motor park

With chin in palm waiting for the perfect chance

A few have come along,but not so beautiful.

Nah!! I said, I can’t travel in that, I’ll just wait.

It’s getting late, I’m still waiting for the perfect one

And when it comes I’ll grab it with both hands


Gradually it begins to dawn me even as dusk waltz in with a wry smile [pun intended]

Frantically I beg to hitchhike the same ones I disdained

Dejected, I rue my lost chances

“Opportunities come in work clothes” Pastor Asuquo said

Maybe I mistook it for a mechanic

But all the same I hope for a last chance

An old rickety one comes along

I’m the first one to jump in and thinking to myself

I say, I’ll take my chances

Will you take yours?




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