Posted: December 4, 2014 by jayyajene in Getting Inspired
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Sometimes, its just about how we see ourselves. Most times, we are so concerned with how others perceive us that our own perception of who we really are no longer matters. Quit trying to exist in the shadows of another. Learn to live a life of your own; drafting your own principles and guidelines.

It gets really crazy when you see yourself as anything less than who you are. Not just about what it would cost you but also about the losses the entire world records for lives lived below potential. That lack of self confidence that makes you apologetic after saying the right words. That lack of self believe that makes you throw in the towel when you should be picking up the gauntlet.

Anyone ever cared to wonder why we talk ourselves out of being the next big thing. Why we always have that chill running down our spine whenever we’re faced with a decision to move forward. The reason is simple and practical. Going by Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of motion, it is only natural to have an equal and opposite reaction to every attempt to move forward. Some call it low self-esteem. I choose to call it the Self Opposition Sequence (S.O.S) ; you are never done with it. You know like with every sequence, it just keeps recurring.

Now all you’ve got to do is see you in a different way. Think about those whose tomorrow is dependent on the decisions you make today. The countless lives that are attached to yours. Get out of your shell and out of that S.O.S zone. Design your life and live it to your taste. Be original and genuine. Say to yourself, ” I may not be the best human being but I’ll forever be me. That’s because I’m forever the best at being me “.


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