I Dare You… to be Different

Posted: December 6, 2014 by Dorian in Getting Inspired
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If I asked you,”who are you?”

What’s gonna be your answer?

Is it your name? Is it how you look? Is it how cool or smart you are? Or the kinda things you own? The course you wanna study or already studying?


Are you the one who wipes away a tear and say,”it’s gonna be fine”?. Or the one who grunts and says,”haba! It’s okay already!” ?

Are you the one people tell,”I’m glad I’ve got you”?. Or the one people tell,”God! Why can’t you stop being so annoying?”

I dare you to be honest! Who are you? What are you good at, that other people find hard? Do you boast with it? Do you keep calm and shun pride?

Do you know the problem with us teenagers? We don’t plan! Simple! How many times have you sat to think about what you’ll be known for? You hear names like Bill Gates,Steven Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein,  even Mother Theresa and you tell yourself you wanna surpass them.. Without even knowing your capabilities, strengths and weaknesses!


What do you wanna be known for? With the way you’re living now,will the world or even Nigeria know your name in the next 10 years? Or are you waiting till you’re 25 to know what you’ll do with your life? Nah. It’s not that way anymore.


Don’t watch your life happen and become something you’ll not like. Be excellence conscious and success will chase you! Make your future happen. Take your life in your hands. Don’t be swayed by people and things. Don’t follow the crowd and get lost in it.


Like a song I hum when I’m down,”you gotta keep your head up oh oh, you gotta keep your head up,hey hey. I know it’s hard,know it’s hard…” Yup! Nobody ever said it’s gonna be smooth. Life is hard,but some people still shine bright (like diamonds in the sky). Be one of them!

I dare you to be unique!

I dare you to stand out!

I dare you to be distinct!

I dare you to make a name and carve a niche for yourself. The world awaits you!

In 10 years from now, the teenagers of now will turn this country around for the better,if not best! I know it!


Will you make the list?

Will you leave a legacy?


  1. Mckevwill says:

    That’s a boast ma morale…now that’s what I call Inspiring!!!


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