“Ink on my skin…call it a sin?

Posted: December 9, 2014 by jayyajene in Yes I Believe.
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Tattooing is an art which dates as far back as the 18th century. These indelible modifications to the dermis of the skin changing its pigment was initially inspired by cultural and religious believes. Modern day or professional tattooing is mostly driven by artistic, cosmetic or ostentatious motives. Although, some markings on the skin symbolizes a sense of belonging or identification with a group or gang others are fuelled by personal discretion.

Today, most TV stars, musicians, sportsmen or women, those we idolize and celebrate see tattooing as a must-do. Some youths, attracted to the trend, have it on their to-do list but unfortunately or fortunately depending on ones point of view, have been denied by parental control.

Now to lay the basis for my argument; from the moral perception of tattoo art or skin art, as it is sometimes called, in an African or more particularly a Nigerian society, it seems to be getting an obvious frown. The inculcation of western religion basically Christianity into the cultural structure and values of her people has indeed played a major role.

Yes! It is written in the good book that inscribing tattoo marks on the skin is an act condemned by God(Lev. 19:28). This is an old testament law and perhaps has raised arguments that it does not apply to Christians under the new covenant in Christ Jesus. Permit me to say that if God has a problem with it then man should totally avoid it. But, it remains a question of religious ideology and how far we are willing to go to sustain our salvation.

For a pagan, what is written and what isn’t doesn’t really matter; its all about his or her personal principles and guidelines.

Do we have Christians today who are contemplating on whether getting a tattoo done is healthy for their Christian lives or not? Romans 10:4 ; Galatians 3:23-25 ; Ephesians 2:15 may not have clearly driven home the point that new testament believers are not excluded from God’s warning concerning tattoo marks but certainly,it isn’t a go ahead either.

Just to play safe try seeking God’s permission first before you choose to draw on his temple or better yet, get a drawing board.

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