Posted: December 10, 2014 by fessyjay in Uncategorized


Have you ever thought of what people will say when you are gone? A lot of people do,but never have a second thought of what they can do to be remembered. Other few are ignorant because they don’t know that the true value of a moment is experienced when it becomes a memory.


You can change things by living a wondrous life and how to do that is very simple! Because you’ve got all you need.
First,you have to face your fears because it’s meant to take you higher. Have it in mind that everyone needs to overcome problems to succeed. Remember that gold has to pass through fire before shining.


Next, you need to walk through time,leave an evidence of your passage and never blame people for your condition. You also need to live a generous life which awesome people like Martin Luther,Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln lived. They lived their lives for others but the big question is,”Can you live your life for others?
Learn to be original! there’s no need faking who you are,”for the secret of living is not doing what you like but loving what you do!”


Always remember,”where there is life there is hope”. So let people see the true you. I hope to see you at the top!


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