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beauty of life2
Beauty of life
In a world filled with strife
In a world filled with different kinds
A world where humans will do anything in other to thrive
The beauty of life I try to find

It’s a sunny Saturday morning
Some are at a wedding ceremony
Some are at a funeral mourning
Life is keeping it balanced,the beauty in it I try to find

Everyday and night, I can’t stop wondering
The injustice in the act of Karma
Millions of souls sowing and not reaping
The Beauty in it I try to find

This Beauty,this beauty I don’t seem to see
Maybe cause I only view life through the tidal end
Maybe there is a calm end in the stormy sea
And the part you wish to see on you it depends

In a world I once only saw the negatives
I realized that to happiness i also have the key
And it lies in looking at the positives
Alas the beauty in life I start to feel

Please note : Feel everything in your surrounding is beautiful.
According to statistics,
1.8 people die per second,
118 people die per minute,
6461 die people per hour
and 155060 die per day.
If you’re reading this, you are still alive,
through that, find the beauty in life.
Don’t lemme take much of your time
This is not a poem, they are just real words that happened to rhyme.
positive 2


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