Posted: December 13, 2014 by stevano007 in Literary Corner
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I live in a world of fantasy

Stalked in my vision of ecstasy

Give me a nudge that’ll bring me back to reality

And save me from these dreams that lack clarity

Cause I’ve been in different shoes

I’ve seen life with different views

And pictured a world with no rules

All in the world of Fantasy

I’ve lived in places that never exist

If only fantasy is what life consist

I’ll be Einstein the great Scientist

I’ll be Picasso the great Artist

All in the world of fantasy

I’ll lived my dreams in my fantasy

Such a pleasant place to be

A place flowing with milk and honeybees

An heaven in my head

When i lay on my bed

Time Wasted Time Lost All in the world of Fantasy

Pleasures and pain in my world of reality

My fantasy is one sided I can’t find parity

A redefined Disney with an happy beginning and ending

A world perfectly outlayed without offending

A dense traffic in my brain, my neurones and nerves ascending and desending

A perfectly imperfect message is what they’re sending

Does my Fantasy hinder my Reality?

A question ringing in my head

Does it bring me closer to my dreams or am i been misled?

Cause after all have been done and said

I still end up realizing I’ve been fantasizing all along


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