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So what is the first step you would
have to do to stop being shy around
1. Overcoming Your Inferiority
From all of my past cumulative
experiences with dealing with shy
guys and girls, I have realized that in
most cases, the main cause of
shyness is actually because they feel
inferior. If you somehow feel that you
are of less value than the person
whom you are interacting with, then
you would naturally feel shy and
nervous when you are around her.
A simple way to illustrate this would
be to imagine a plump or unattractive
girl whom you know of. When you
are around this girl, do you actually
feel any sort of anxiety or
nervousness? In most cases – most
probably not. There may be a little bit
of anxiety, but it would be nothing
compared to what you are feeling
when you are around a girl whom
you are attracted to.
When you are around a girl whom
you are attracted to, you just seem to
be unable to be yourself and become
a shyer person than usual. This is
completely normal and there is
nothing wrong with that. But if you
really want to get past this issue of
shyness, then you have to stop
judging people based on their looks.
Don’t be intimidated by the beauty of
the other party, after all, they are also
normal human beings just like you!
This is a very common problem
especially more so with guys. It is
natural for guys to be attracted to a
particular girl based on just looks
alone, even before the guy has even
gotten to know that person. If you
want to become a less shy person
around the opposite sex, then you
would need to adopt an attitude of
“What else can she offer?” Is she able
to offer you something else other
than her looks? I am pretty sure you
can find plenty of hot and cute chicks
in this world, but to find someone
whom you can really have fun and
“click” together – that’s not an easy
task at all.
2. Stop Being Attracted to Just One
This is something that all shy or
socially awkward guys seem to have
in common. These guys tend to have
a tendency to just single out one
chick who just show them even the
slightest interest and then think
about them all day long.
Because these guys are socially
awkward by nature, they do not get
much attention from other people,
especially from the opposite sex.
Therefore, when just a person from
the opposite sex looks at them for a
longer period of time or just talks to
them, they would think that this girl is
completely interested in them and
then obsess about her all day long.
And this is a huge problem, as by
constantly thinking about her in your
mind, you have made her up to be
such a perfect creature that when the
opportunity comes to really talk to her
in reality, your mind completely
freezes up because it would be
running through all the bad things
that might happen to you and her. In
simple terms, you have become too
emotionally invested in her before
you have even started.
3. Be Assertive
Let us all face it, guys are supposed to
be the ones who make the first move.
No matter how shy you a guy you are,
you definitely have to make the first
move, for girls will not do it most of
the time. This has been the case since
ancient times.
If a girl is really attractive, the chances
are that she would be wooed by
more than one guy, and someone else
apart from you would be interested in
her. If you do not make the first move,
then someone else will anyway.
Therefore, you need to learn how to
be assertive, especially on yourself,
and take the first move whenever the
chance appears. Even if you get
rejected, treat it as an experience and
you will feel a lot better and confident
the next time you try it on another
There is nothing wrong or to be
ashamed about if you are shy around
the opposite sex. As long as you can
accept this first and then learn how to
face it, I am sure that you will
definitely be able to get over it in no
time at all. If this article has helped
you, then you might want to check
out the remaining articles on How to
overcome shyness, so that you can
become the kind of confident person
that everyone likes!


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