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How often do you make use of your brain? Is it just for test and exams?


Ever thought of trying the reasoning method?
Here are some brainteasers, which can help boost your IQ:

1.Why are dogs afraid to sunbathe?

2.Iron will rust in the open, what if gold was put there?

3.My parents had a baby,it wasn’t my brother or my sister. Who was it?

4.What do you have that others use more often than you?

5.What are the banker’s favourite vowels?

6.How can you be completely sleepless for seven days?and still be healthy?

7.How many sides does a circle have?

8.What part of London is in France?

9.Which runs faster, heat or cold?

10.What star is not seen in the sky?

11.What is the worst weather for rats?

12.When does a car go as fast as a train?

13.What do you have that you can’t lend others?

14.What letter do people fear most?

15.Why don’t people advertise for their lost dog?


       “Do you know the answers? I’d love to know!!!


Hope you’ve gain something,don’t forget the power of the sixth sense. I’ll see you at the top!


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