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I hear the sound of bells ringing, can you hear them too? It’s here and what is it? It’s Christmas all over the world! What’s so special about this season? It’s the season of love and merriment, we have the cool breeze, the cool atmosphere and the presence of the Christmas tree everywhere we go. Hmm that sounds great! How glad am I to witness another splendid time of love.


I know a lot of people count Xmas as a time of merrymaking but it’s more than just throwing parties all around. We all need to understand the reason for this celebration.



Christians view Yuletide as a very important day because it’s known as the season of the birth of Christ the Lord, on which Christianity was found. More so, as a Christian I cherish this moment but don’t abuse it like many who become extravagant.


Come to think of it,what’s so unique about Xmas? It’s the love someone far away, not from this planet had for us and felt that for you and me to be better persons,he has to come, live, eat,cry, laugh and die for us. So we owe our lives to him and what do we give in return? Is to show the love he had for us to people out there, who feel they are all alone, putting smiles on their faces,letting them know that we love them  no matter the skin colour, body shape or even language barriers.


Exchanging gifts is wonderful because it can turn someone’s dark clouds to a bright day. So make us of this period to show how much you care for your loved ones through giving from your heart.


Cause that’s the meaning of Christmas!



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