A Mosquito Ballad

Posted: December 28, 2014 by Joy in Literary Corner
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“Buzz, Buzz”, the mosquito said
As it teased me in the very dark night.
Angry was I as I sat on my bed,
As I waved rapidly to avoid a bite.
I moved to the left,
I moved to the right,
But it kept on following me as I fled.

“Today is the day that you salute your end,”
I said as I started my plan to revenge.
I hastily stood up in order to send,
My little friend back to its home in the trench.
It moved to the left,
It moved to the right,
But I kept on following it as it fled.

I saw it right in front of my very own eyes,
As it flew away while trying to escape.
I said “Hahahaha you think you are wise”
As I clasped my hands on it in a firm shape.
I looked on the left,
I looked on the right,
But it was on neither of my palms.

I saw from afar the insect scurrying away
With happy wings and a deep set eyes
It gave me one last look as if trying to say
“Sorry you lost, now I’m saying my byes”
I looked to the left,
I looked to the right,
But the smart Culicidae already fled.

While still looking, I saw an insecticide
Staring at me as if trying to say
“I’ve always been here but because of your pride
You thought your own enemy you can slay”
I looked to the side,
I had had my way.
Lesson learnt insect, next time I won’t let you slide

Do you think you can handle matters on your own without taking it God? or do you make haste in reacting to situations without thinking about it? Please leave your comments in the comments section below!

  1. girlaware says:

    This caught my attention from start to finish! Who is the poet? I’d like to keep an eye on him/her, definitely going places. Keep working at it, it can only get better.


  2. victory says:

    fascinating….and funny!!!


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