Posted: December 30, 2014 by jayyajene in Getting Inspired

We’re at the threshold of yet another year. For some, it’s their first, for others their last. To some, it’s their way in but others, their way out. Indeed, we have no control over fate. The clock is ticking; seconds become minutes, minutes, hours and hours, days. We draw closer to the endpoint or maybe a new beginning.

If you had a clue or let’s say you knew that this year would be your last,would you have done some things you’ve failed to do? Would you have said some words you’ve believed there is still time to say? Would you have given up those valuable things you felt you cannot live without perhaps knowing that you would be around but for a short while?

We live in a world where all we ever do is regret our past, barely survive the present and end up giving way too much to a future that is uncertain. Maybe if only we had an idea of how much time we had left in this world we would learn to live life in the present; tackling situations as they come. Facing problems and overcoming challenges. Embracing the ones we love and letting them know just how much we care.

We may no longer have to say ” I’ll get you a birthday present next year” (what about this year’s?) or ” I’ll call you tomorrow” (why not right now?). It may mean the end of ” let’s play some other time” or ” I’ll see you next week”. Life is too short to leave all the good stuff for the future while we deny ourselves of today’s happiness.

As much as I hate to say this, it remains the inevitable truth; not everyone who made it into this year will make it into the next. Like I said earlier, it’s the end of the road for some but for others it may be a new beginning. If after reading this, you feel deep down within you that if you had but the slightest idea this year was going to be your last you would have lived it better than you’ve just done, perhaps a new beginning awaits you. Try to make it count this time. Happy 2015! Live everyday…

  1. wendychinwe3 says:

    Really nice…happy 2015 too

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