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artistes like Darey Art Alade, 2Face, Asa and a few
others will be respected, not just because they’re
are top selling, but because the quality of their
music is very good.

Derin Adebayo continues by
giving American rapper, Kanye West as a very good
example of an artiste with lyrical quality. “He wrote
his verse on the song ‘Run this town’ for three
months. Expectedly as a result, it was one of the best
verses Kanye ever penned. Many foreign rappers
claim to freestyle most of their verses, but if you
listen closely to the lyrics you would find that claim
hard to believe. How could Jay Z have freestyled “22
two’s” a song where in the first verse he used the
word “two” (and its homonyms ‘to’ and ‘too’) 22 times
or how could Nas have ‘freestyled’ ‘Rewind’, a song
where he told a story in reverse. Great songs such as
the ones above are born from passion and a desire
to be the best; the artists push the limit of creativity
because of a genuine love of their art. Over here in
Nigeria, it seems like every musician writes songs
just to make the next ‘Jam’ or ‘club banger’. It is hard
to see any artiste with any passion, emotion, or even
a drive to genuinely improve his or her skills.
Artistes seem to have given lyrics little importance
in a song, it seems all our musicians care about when
writing songs is for it to have a catchy beat, and then
they try to create a new slang or trend in the song
and that is all”, he adds.

Another disappointing factor
in our music is the lack of subject matter. It is
almost torture to listen to some albums from
beginning to end because it’s just so repetitive.
Almost every song is a ‘party song’, or someone
bragging about money or something similar. The
most surprising issue about this is that with all the
suffering and struggle in Nigeria our artistes almost
completely ignore it in their music. Nobody sings
about the timeless values of honesty.

Giving credit
to who it’s due, and God resting his soul, Da’Grin was
one new generation artiste released a complete
album. It had enough party songs, the amount of
bragging expected from a rapper, but it also had
some songs which spoke about his struggle and by
extension the struggle of an average Nigerian. So
also is NOSA, a Chocolate City gospel artiste whose
album is exceptional. Also a lot of respect to M.I for
his debut ‘Talk about it’ and 9ice for ‘Tradition’, both
albums had the right balance of different subject
matters. We need more albums like these and fewer
albums filled with party songs and bragging. What
can be done to curb this menace?

A budding artiste,
Adeleke Victor Matanmi (Brain) also lends his voice:
“Well, I believed many artistes are all about “blowing
up” now and they don’t care whether their songs
have messages or not. Even if you are singing a party
or club song, there are ways you put your lyrics
together and people can picture what you are saying
and relate with it.

The bottom line is that, many
artistes are lazy and they limit themselves to
Nigerian songs, and this is why you see most of the
songs sounding alike. What works for A may not work
for B. Artistes need to explore and research every
time. Thank God for the internet. There’s
nothing you want to know about the music artistry or
business that you can’t dig up online. Information is
key in this business.

Most artistes don’t even
understand why they are doing music or what they
want but they only just want their faces on TV and
“blow” which is rather unfortunate. Some people will
say if you talk about more serious issues and put a
focus on the quality of your lyrics in Nigeria, you
won’t be commercial enough and your music won’t
sell, it’s a blatant lie.

On a lighter note, Jesse Jagz,
the talented producer, singer and MI’s kid brother,
claims he is Nigerian music’s “Jesus Christ” and the
only musician who can rescue Nigeria music from
the rot it is currently going through. “I am the Jesus
of Nigerian music. My top 3 artistes in Nigeria are
me, me, me. No one works harder than me. I would
love to see a lot of my colleagues step up their
game”. This is not a Kendrick thing.

You don’t need
Jesus to tell you that Nigerian music is unintelligent.
Even goats can dance to our music. Can Jesse Jagz
make Nigeria a better place than Wizkid? Can Wizkid
do same too? Let adults do better and let kids party.
We need to leave something better for the coming
With all these said, we can only hope all these are corrected and changed and that once Nigerian music returns to the peak it originally belongs.



  1. Yungluck says:

    It actually true. Meaniful msgs ar nt actually part of 9ja music. We need gifted artiste to rescue us frm dix menace. I will work to it by His grace


  2. darrydolla says:

    Well. U talk true. Buhh, people love these guys; most nigerians love these guys. And they making pretty cool money. As long as we, the fans loving what they doing. That’s all. Well, u just have to 4get all that and if you wanna listen to tracks with deep meaning. Go for it. It’s available. If its not making money, it’s not making sense, aiight??


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