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Why do you study?  Why do you ever read for those exams? Why do you aim for an high score in your test?  I guess its cause of your purposeful thirst right? Or wait! Is it cause you were promised a new dress or the 3rd Edition of the PlayStation if you perform well in your test and exams? Gosh! I knew it!


So, some of you actually study cause of the temporal stuffs you tend to gain, but what if you weren’t promised any of those, will you actually strive for an “A”? ,will you pick up your books in your leisure time without

delay or procrastination?. Me? You think i was like that too? Nah! As a kid, I wasn’t promised anything if I

had an ‘A’ or even an ‘A++’ if there was anything like that. The only time I was really promised a thing

was when I switched my educational focus to a very not so beautiful girl in my class then and had a little

drop in grade, and that was a couple knocks and a little bit of forced dieting.


Oh! It wasn’t like I  was fat,it just meant I’ll get my grubs on a little less times each day if it ever happened again. Now I can really hear you asking me why I studied then?. OK I’ll tell you. I think I studied then because my Mama told me that my only chance of ever becoming that guy who wears a white overall and has the sacred right to stick a syringe into a patient’s butt without being arrested is by studying hard. That was my purpose.


I’m not saying the fact that your Dad promised you the latest iPhone edition or any other gadget if you had a good grade is a bad thing i mean ‘wow!’ you’re such a lucky kid, but that should not be the reason why you study. That should just be

a medium to propel you in your already aspired purpose,because if anytime you get on that PS 4 loading Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

and the controller already feels like a laminated sheet of Hardcore paper(a certificate), you should know you’ve placed the full stop

on the wrong side of the sentence and you probably still have a long way to go. In comparison, you can be related to a soccer pitch with 22 players without a goal post!


Pointless! Aimless!. So, next time you pick up a notebook or a textbook to read, make sure you reassess your aim. Make sure you’re doing so for a strong purpose and not just for some reason,because while studying for reason may get you to the next phase, studying with a purpose will get you to the top. Peace!Depression Screening


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