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“Hmm Hadisa, I’m going to the examination hall, I’m not prepared. I just wish luck would smile on me, anyway wish me luck “. ” Good luck Jessy ” Hadisa replied.

In our clime the overly religious are relying on the Supreme power to bring food to their tables, put money in their pockets, recharge their phones (it’s the truth) and everything about their lives.

Inasmuch as we need the Father in our affairs (for those that believe in God) and we find balance in following his instructions, we really need to realise that God has given us one great tool that can steer our lives in any direction we choose ; CHOICES:THE ABILITY TO BE PROACTIVE.


People want it easier; getting millions without hard work, getting admirable grades without study,  most people want good luck, yes good luck. Life, from birth, tasks humans for something they want,  a day old baby won’t ask for good luck to bring him his mother’s breast milk for him to be fed,  he must apply his mouth and throat muscles, so also an infant that wants to walk. 

Stop being lackadaisical, seeth thou  a DILIGENT man in HIS BUSINESS,  he shall stand before kings and not obscure men.  Oh and for Jessy,  GOODLUCK  didn’t offer the course she sat for that day and it was this strict invigilator  called PREPARATION that supervised.  Well, I wish her GOODLUCK  in her results.


Life won’t give you what you want but whatever you work for and rightly deserve.


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