Posted: January 5, 2015 by misstijani265 in Getting Inspired
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So, right now, we are all about insecurity and a lot of other things like our imperfections/flaws. We tag ourselves ‘The Young Adults’ which our parents roll their eyes at (and we pretend not too see).

Now we are a bit selfish, you know? That its-all-about-me-me-me syndrome(just admit it).Yep ! I know… It’s easy for us to get hurt. Little things upset us which can end up in hysterical tears (well maybe not for the male teen).

We all long for that ‘pat on the back’ ,the feeling of being appreciated for the little things we do. Hey, don’t you dare think a normal Nigerian parent will let their daughter wear the crop top without a camisole and or ever understand why guys sag .Don’t ask me why its just like that. But we understand ourselves.

It’s like there is a bond between the millions of teenagers in the world. It’s like we all live in a small bubble. We don’t know it but we all think alike when it comes to certain subjects, e.g : What’s the hottest phone right now? I am 98% sure you said the iPhone 6.You see? (smiles).
Well, I just want to end this piece by saying teenagers are great people with great personalities. Some may call us rude and too emotional but we are the best people to make friends with when you get to know us.
Au viour!

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  1. Edikan Ekefre says:

    This is really good coming from a young mind. My dear you have a great future ahead the world is urs to conquer


  2. Jeremiah says:

    Nice. Really looking up to you as an innovative and inspiring writer.


  3. karen says:

    nice one


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