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“Life is short, you have to enjoy it while it last”, she quipped. These words of my friend got me thinking. I pondered over the validity of this assertion. In the end, I concluded that the validity of those words can not be contested. “Life is indeed short”, and “we need to enjoy it while it lasts”. After all, even the Bible commended us that life is vanity, and thus “There is nothing better for a man, than that he should eat and drink, and that he should make his soul enjoy good in his labour. This also I saw, that it was from the hand of Yahweh (God).” (Ecclesiastes 2:24).
However, this brings us to the question of what we refer to as enjoyment. In our society today, definition of enjoyment varies as much as people differ, but many of them are essentially from wrong paradigms. A random sampling among young people today may reveal that what many now see as enjoyment  are licentiousness, drunkenness, gluttony etc. It is quite unfortunate, and I think that this myopic view of enjoyment is the primary reason people go into all forms of heinous crimes, all in the name of enjoying themselves, or having a means to enjoying themselves.

I have observed that many activities people engage in order to ‘enjoy life’ or have a means to do so are life-shortening. Therefore, I ask, since life is short, should we make it shorter with our so-called enjoyments?
In all honesty, life is short, and it is wisdom that in the little while we have , that we use it well. Young people are the most oblivious of this fact, and are, sometimes, only jolted back to reality and sobriety when the consequences of their juvenile decisions starts to haunt them. My father’s favourite advice is, Ifeoma adighi agwu agwu. Good things never end (another way of saying, ‘the beautiful ones are not yet born’). An implicit reminder in this advice is that, important things should not be sacrificed at the alter of instant gratification/enjoyment.
So let’s start living a life with longer term perspective. Before you seek ‘enjoyment’ in that booze, ‘kpuff’, one-night (or afternoon) stand, think of its consequences. If it’s worth avoiding, avoid it. If it’s waiting for, then wait.  There are more important things to achieve. Remember, Ifeoma adighi agwu agwu.

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