Controversial Statements Of the Catholic Pope.

Posted: January 8, 2015 by rumenofficial in Did You Know?

“The 6 Controversial Statements of the Pope” ??

Some recent revelations have emerged regarding some statements made by the catholic pope: Pope Francis. Before I begin, I would love to state categorically, that I am not against any doctrine and we all serve one God and that Judgement belongs to God Almighty alone.

Below are statements attributed to Pope Francis.
(1)That the church is big enough to accommodate homosexuals. But then, the Bible states in Lev.18;22 : “You shall not lie with a male as with a female, it is an abomination”, and that whosoever commits such abominations must be cut off from the people.

(2)That the Catholic Church does not believe in ‘literal’ hell and that hell is merely a metaphor for the isolated soul. The Bible contradicts this in 2Pet.2;4 and Psalm 9;17.

(3)That God is not a Judge or a God of judgement but a friend and a lover of Humanity. The Bible also contradicts this in Isaiah 30;18 and Psalm 9;16.

(4)That God is changing and evolving as we human are. The Bible contradicts this in Job 33;12. Now knowing fully well that God is a spirit, does a spirit evolve? That’s a puzzle you should solve.

(5)That like every other ancient book,some pages of the bible are outdated. The Bible that is ‘claimed’ to have been outdated contradicts this in Psalm119;160 and Isaiah 40;8.

(6)That the Catholic Church will soon ordain some women as Cardinals and hope that a female Pope will arise someday. The Bible contradicts this also in 1Cor 14;34.
Now it is a known fact that for ages, catholics have continued to pray through Mary, but Jesus said in the Bible “You can only get to the Father through me”.

A famous pastor in Nigeria once said that “Catholics substitute Mary for Jesus”, and he called that the Hyperdulia of the Virgin.
I am not against any religion,doctrine or belief. We all serve one supreme Being and that’s the “Almighty God”.
We Should continue to love one another.


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