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What is blame? Why do we actually blame people? I bet a lotta us probably don’t know this; blaming others is an involuntary action. It just happens without us taking note.

Now I’d take us on a journey for the next couple of minutes and when we reach our destination, we’d hopefully get to understand in depth what this action : blame is all about.

1. feel or declaration that (someone or something) is
responsible for a fault or wrong.
2. responsibility for a fault or wrong.

Blame is the act of censuring, holding responsible,
making negative statements about an individual or
group that their action or actions are socially or
morally irresponsible, the opposite of praise.
Lemme break down the grammar. Blame is just simply faulting someone else for a negative action.

The direct opposite of blame is PRAISE. There are other senses of
praise and blame that are not ethically relevant. One may praise someone’s good dress sense, and
blame the weather for a crop fail.

Now I’d take you through the major reasons why we(because now one is innocent of this) blame people.
1: To FEEL SUPERIOR: Blaming provides a way of devaluing others, with
the end result that the blamer feels superior,
seeing others as less worthwhile making the
blamer “perfect”. Off-loading blame means putting
the other person down by emphasizing his or her

2: TO ESCAPE PUNISHMENT: remember Adam in the bible? After eating the forbidden fruit and God asked him why he did it, he blamed God and his wife Eve. He said, “it is the woman you gave me” as if God did wrong to give him a wife . He said this to escape the wrath of God.

With all these said, I’d want us to please reduce our level of blaming others. It’s better we all just try not to behave in a morally irresponsible manner.






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