Dining Etiquette- The dos and don’ts.

Posted: January 10, 2015 by fessyjay in Food and Culinary
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So you think you can eat? politely? If you have been spending too much time shoving food down your pie hole or hanging with friends whose careers don’t require adult behaviors,I think it’s time to pull the napkin out of your collar and get serious again about good table manners.

When you are eating at home or being invited to dinner, good table manners is essential because knowing and practising proper manners give a teenager the confidence to enjoy a meal in a wide variety of settings.
Well here are some tips:
1.Don’t rush the table: having decided to enjoy a meal in your friend’s home or restaurant, it’s just the right place to practice etiquette skills. So,don’t make a rush for the food instead focus on etiquette,not the food.

2. Polite Decline; It’s one thing to be polite and another to be respectful. If the food presented to you is not your liking, it is polite to at least make an attempt to eat a small amount of it before leaving.

3.Napkin etiquette: now, when the meal is accepted, it is much easier when the napkin is beside your plate,otherwise panic sets in and if you are confronted with beautifully folded linens placed around your table, have it in mind that your napkin is always on your left which leaves your right hand free to use your eating utensils. Apologies to the lefties but it was decided a long time ago by royalty.

4.Weird behaviours: aha! picking your teeth or licking your fingers are very unattractive unless if one is eating meat or bone provided with a toothpick and finger bowl. Loud eating noise such as slurping and burping are very impolite and that’s the number one sin of table etiquette. Standing while eating is a form of embarrassment and also a bad habit in Hausa known as “Santi” meaning “eating with the devil. Also, taking more than what is due to you will lead to gluttony, so try to avoid these very awkward behaviours.


5.Chew and listen,swallow then talk: Eating together is fulfilling, the ceremony of a meal is conducive for sharing and with that comes a lot of etiquette mishaps. The most important one is : DO NOT EAT WITH YOUR MOUTH OPEN! It sounds simple but we get too excited sharing our conversations and we forget to chew and listen,swallow then talk. No matter what you’re sharing, it gets lost once the audience watches the food in your mouth rather than listening to the content of your words.

6. Social networking: Talking on any form of communication device or playing with a phone or tablet should be abstained from while eating to prove how mature you are in public.

7.Hand jive: everything is going so well, you are eating, talking and drinking without fears or embarrassment until you notice someone watching your hands. Stay cool by making sure you handle those cutlery well!

8. Time to make a pass: it’s going so well and you are challenged to make a pass. Never reach across a table, passing of the bowls is side to side. Do not extend bowls across the table. It is acceptable to ask someone else to pass them if it’s still too far for you to reach.


9.Run for it: your mother always said you couldn’t finish a meal without needing the bathroom break, if that’s still true or you need to step away from the table for some reasons, do so without bringing much attention to yourself. Instead, excuse yourself quietly to those sitting nearest you,place your napkin on your chair and quietly exit.

10.Give thanks for no mistake: a meal in which you have stretched your new found etiquette wings deserves a proper thank you to your host. So show gratitude by saying the two magic words “Thank You”

After saying a lot about etiquette, the vital thing is that it gives teenager like you and me the skills that will be useful at the moment as well as later in life.

So grab your cutlery, use them right and enjoy the meal!

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