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Ever heard of the word “phobia” ? Huh?  A phobia is a strong unreasonable fear of something. Below is a list of very weird phobias I think you should see:
15. Carnophobia = fear of meat (my oh my, I can never have this!)

14. Ablutophobia = fear of bathing (well, if you can endure body odour, why not?)

13. Philemaphobia = fear of kissing or being kissed (aha! Very weird)

12. Scopophobia = fear of being stared at (I know a couple of shy people who’ve got this)

11. Haptephobia =  fear of being touched (wait, I used to have this)

10. Anuptaphobia = fear of being single (seems familiar, eh?)

9.  Melophobia =  fear of music (huh? Like seriously?)

8. Phagophobia = fear of eating (he he, this is a very rare one)

7. Sequipedalophobia = fear of long words (oh, now I know why some peeps hated English classes)

6. Geliophobia = fear of laughter (now, that’s weird)

5. Cacophobia = fear of ugliness (ooohhhh! really?)

4. Heterophobia = fear of the opposite sex (hmm, I don’t really fear guys)

3. Chrematophobia = fear of money (what!??? Now that’s something I’ll never have)

2. Philophobia = fear of love or being in love (*coughs. No comment)

1. Didaskaleinophobia = fear of school (hahaha!! I know peeps who still have this!)

LoL. I hope you learnt something new. Got another to add to the list?


By Otuagomah Deborah

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  1. Mckevwill says:

    Used to have haptephobia n heterophobia bt thank God for his mercies…I love this

    Liked by 1 person

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