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Posted: January 17, 2015 by TheBrontide in Have You Heard?

Quick question: Why do you watch movies? Oh wait! I know this one. To inspire me, to unwind and more importantly I might just stumble upon a movie that makes me happy. An example of my last reason? Too easy. Now You See Me.


Old news? I know, but there isn’t enough appreciation for movies of that calibre. I am of the opinion that too much crap gets produced everyday and fed to us. ‘Us’ here represents the movie-loving demographic who would be happy to have movie marathons everyday. Yes, there are those of us like that. But we don’t want to watch just anything, mind you. There are movies and there are movies. Forgive the cliché. I just wish the right movies get recognized this year.

Earlier today, I found out that Now You See Me 2 will be released on the 31st of October. I was glad and then wary. Wary because some sequels just spoil things (remember Step Up All In?) but I have faith. Plus Dave Franco is rather dashing, so I’ll watch no matter. My happiness has moved me to share a list of movies I think you should see. I’m open to suggestions! You can also tweet @TheBrontide (me) to discuss them 😉 In no particular order:

1. The Words: Not Oscar material but a nice one to chill with. The acting out of the old man’s life sold it for me.

2. Inception: Brilliant!

3. Prisoners: A very slow burn but it was worth it. I love abrupt endings.

4. Olympus Has Fallen: No offence to Gerard Butler, but for me this was way better than White House Down.

5. Now You See Me: The beauty of it all, the cast and the element of surprise. Art.

6. Side Effects: A story that never gave until the eleventh hour. It came together nicely. I have to add that Catherine Zeta-Jones’ nerdy look was stunning.

7. Chef: I was in a bad way when I saw this movie at the cinema. Half-way through, I claimed the seat next me with my legs; sitting like I was at home and I literally felt happy. Best watched with family and/or friends.

8. Dark Knight Rises: I have seen this too much but I like the chaos in Gotham and Anne Hathaway’s wheels.

9. Divergent: I kept moving back in between clip’s to see Four but this was good. The mind games were interesting but I hope the sequel tops it. Its slated for release on the 20th of March.

10. Last Night: I love how this ended. Simple story and a clean message: Nothing is perfect.

All that said, start getting ready to hit the cinema because 2015 is looking beautiful movie-wise!! Simply search the home page for 2015’s MOST ANTICIPATED MOVIE. They’ll come right at you.


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