10 Weirdest Birth Customs In The World

Posted: February 6, 2015 by TheBrontide in Did You Know?

Every Nigerian has heard superstitions and weird beliefs. Beliefs that an adult we know strongly defends, however ludicrous it must sound. If you haven’t, well, lucky you! Today I’ll show you that Nigerians and Africans are not alone. There are customs in different parts of the world that are downright astonishing and maybe a little funny. Even now in the 21st century, these ancient ways are still very much alive. The following are ten strange birth customs in the world:


1.      Baby Fellatio: Yes! You read right. The fourth largest ethnic group in China – Manchu – express love for their new-borns by paying ‘special’ attention to their genitals. Ironically, kissing is taken as a sexual act regardless of whether it is on the cheek or not. So parents don’t kiss their children on the face. Considering that, this custom takes the cake on my list.

2.      Contagious Pregnancy: Get this. In Russia, it is believed that other women should not touch a pregnant woman’s belly because they could get pregnant too. I’m trying to fathom why a woman would do that in the first place other than to rub on gel for ultrasound. If this was true, female ob-gyns would be popping babies left and right.

3.      Placenta Eating: In some parts of India and China, for some reason unknown to me, new mothers are encouraged to feast on their babies’ placentas. This has been challenged by modern medical doctors who state that contamination is possible. That did not stop Kourtney Kardashian from saying her placenta pills were yummy.

4.      Isolated Mothers: In Pakistan, Kalash mothers are kept in an isolated building during child labour as they are deemed unclean. I am very astounded by how unfair this is. The only people allowed to go and help them are women who are menstruating as they are also not clean.

5.      Toe Cocktail: Indians make the list again! I can’t  decide which of the two is freakier. When a woman in labour is experiencing difficulty, she has to drink a glass of water that her mother-in-law has dipped her toe into.

6.      VIP Baby: Balinese babies are not allowed to touch the ground for their first 3 months of being alive. Swell for the VIP baby, eh? The ground could defile the baby’s purity. In fact, a celebration is done to honour the 3 month old baby where he/she can finally ‘walk’ on the ground.

7.      Daddy’s Presence: A United States’ midwife was taught to wrap the father-to-be’s shirt around his wife’s shoulder and put his hat on her head. This serves the purpose of giving the woman energy for labour. Sweet and strange.

8.      Restriction of Movement: In China, mothers are confined for 30 to 45 days after birth. They are forbade from entering the kitchen because it is believed that the cooking gas can cause breast milk to dry up.

9.      Umbilical Cord Clipping: The Japanese save a new-born’s umbilical cord in a wooden box. Supposedly, it signifies the mother-child relationship.

10.   Cake Christening: At the christening of their first baby, Irish parents moisten their baby’s head with the top layer of whiskey fruit cake and share the remainder of the cake amongst the guest. This symbolizes the long life for the child. Not too shabby.

That is it for today. We are not backward illiterates for having our beliefs. We are just humans looking for anything to have faith in.


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