10 Reasons you should never skip breakfast.

Posted: February 9, 2015 by fessyjay in Food and Culinary
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‘Tina, won’t you take your cereals before you leave? her mum asked. ‘Mum! you know I don’t like taking anything in the morning, it makes me less agile’ she said.

Huh! Are you just like Tina? Now, where in the world would you be without food? Do you think that nutriment called breakfast is not necessary? Or are you in the habit  of skipping your breakfast ? Oh dear! you’ve got to look at these facts and see where you got it wrong:
1. Brainpower; After 8 hours of sleep, you need to break the fast and I’m sure you know that the brain needs a lot of energy and this is best gotten from your morning meal.

2. Forfend gluttony: Hmm! This overeating habit is rampant among breakfast skippers and if you find yourself in this habit, I will suggest you take your breakfast serious.


3.Boost metabolism: The morning meal is essential for the production of energy and bodybuilding process.

4. Sharper I.Q: Students  who are constant breakfast eaters tend to be smarter and be better than their contemporaries because their brain is found to be very active after an early meal.

5. Reduction of bad cholesterol: People who skip morning meals are at risk of having an increase in low density protein(LDL) a bad cholesterol which leads to obesity. This can be prevented by an action of regular breakfast intake.

6. Averts diabetes: when the body doesn’t get adequate insulin, it begins to resist insulin thereby leading to diabetes and the only way out is to take your breakfast regularly.

7. Strength and endurance: Agility is one of the major reasons why most people don’t take breakfast but the mistake they make is that without the energy which is gotten from food, the body will lack strength and the limbs will be weak.

8. Prevents starvation: eating breakfast keeps you from starving because you have enough energy to sustain you for the whole day.


9.Prevents malnutrition: growth is a physical feature that shows if one’s fit or not and this is as a result of our diet. The intake of the early meal boost growth and improves your appearance.

10. Long term health: breakfast skippers are also at risk of life threatening disease like ulcer, heart attack but the good news is that as long as you keep taking your breakfast, you need not worry about any ailment because you are healthy and protected.


So do you see why you ought to eat your breakfast regularly? I used to skip mine but I’ve changed and I hope you do the same!

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