Posted: February 17, 2015 by Tiafxul in Fashion; Pretty & Cute

Now, 2015 is our supposed year for everything great, so is fashion. Here are 15 trends that are here to stay this year . Don’t forget life is too short for ugly cloths!

The Crop top: This clothing is for well people with washboard bellies but there is a way for the big people to rock this style with high waist bottoms.

The bolder the better: There are so many bold colours this season especially the red lipstick and the purple are on constant demand this year.

Polka Dots baby!:Yeah remember Minnie,Micky Mouse’s girlfriend? Yeah, that is what’s in right now, in tops skirts and shoes they are awesome.

Monochrome: Even Beyonce rocked this daring pattern but she looked stunning in it!

Pop that Colour: Yep ! The lemon, bright pink are back again and they are here to stay!

Turbans: This is the trend for the year as it fits anyone who can tie them properly. Trust me, try Youtube.

Camouflage: Although the Nigerian army does not agree to this but it looks hot on any civilian.

Hats in our hearts: I love this accessory although you have to know your type. If you can rock Pharrel’s, then, you’re a god.

 Blazers: The blazers are blazing this year again. Looks like everyone wants  to look corporate.


  Hell nah to bell bottoms: Skinnies are still in. Please, for the love of fashion do not wear bell bottoms.

Orange is the new black: Any shade of orange looks lovely as a top or pants or even skirts. Be a bit daring and try orange than black.

 Chiffon materials: Even if its a sheer piece its hot and still banging.

Little Ankara cut outs: If you have  a nice jean jacket and add some ankara cut out to it,you have sealed the fashion deal. That is one creative trend.

Timberlands: I find it so cute when ladies combine their clothes and wear that timberland for ladies. It shows you can look cute in a manly way.

Snap backs: Please ladies, snap backs were a bit trendy for ladies last year but now,it’s not cool at all .

If you follow this trends,your 2015 will be a trendy and sexy one. Remember,how you are dressed is how you will be addressed.
By Anthonia Tijani


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