Posted: February 23, 2015 by Tiafxul in Tough Stuff, Yes I Believe.

Are you shocked at this topic??suicide-bombers

What could be going through your mind right now? 99% of humans would interpret this differently but only 1% would crack this puzzle. Take a minute off and think about this topic again, don’t just read and say “yes” but look  deeply and scream “I got it”. The topic above is in itself the simplest way I can illustrate problems clinging to the helms of life’s skirt. Everyday we scream of problems, complexity and complications of life but wait! What is life? Life is that; that is in you and me which has nothing to do with your design and existence on earth rather it is you that has everything to do with life. Life doesn’t breathe to keep you going, you breathe to keep it going, it doesn’t accumulate success to make you smile at it; you accumulate success to make it smile at you. What an irony!!!
Now back to the topic, I am sure whatever interpretation you have spinning in your head is that ” my dream is to become a suicide bomber” (laughs) do you actually think I would attach bombs round my neck like it’s bling bling and head towards millions of people? Oh c’mon I can actually do better than that. So, I caught you there!!! You are definitely among the 99% if you have interpreted it as such or let me say you’re an English guru but this time it is a puzzle to rattle your minds.
The topic above simply implies that my dream is a suicide bomber. At one point or another in our lives, our dream could be so big that it preys on our minds and souls which tells perfectly well on our body. It is so fair and fictional that it only keeps us wondering and seeking answers beyond the understanding of men. We are the victims of our dreams and the way we plan it could activate it and kill us mentally, physically, socially, emotionally; just name then.
In summary, the lesson of this is not to ask you to stop dreaming but to stop the mistakes of making the potentials of our dreams a bomb and our dreams the suicide bomber. Base on this, the time has come for us to think deeply, analyse our strengths and weaknesses then place our dreams in the right sight of vision. Everyman is a visionary thinker but only few are expert executors. Our dreams to a large extent nourishes and can equally cut us down in the various facets of our lives.
Therefore, why settle for something so big that weakens and bring you down?? Why not just put up for something that every part of your body responds to, that the mere thought of it makes you smile uncontrollably? Your dream is meant to nourish your spirit, feed your soul and strengthen your body. So, see you at the top!!!



Otuagomah Joristo

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