Suicide: It doesn’t end the pain

Posted: April 10, 2015 by TheBrontide in Tough Stuff
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In this part of the world, where parents do not care about their children’s psychological health, it is not uncommon to see kids withering away under the burden of depression.


In this age of ours (which is it again?), our numerous problems as teens (which our parents just won’t see) are increasing everyday and almost all of us wish we could go back to being five years old when our only problem was food.

From low self-esteem, to poor academic performances, down to our daily hormonal battles, then to strict conditions that won’t let us spread our wings and fly. The list goes on and on and then the ultimate happens. We become disillusioned. We give up. We begin to develop the, “oh, I just want to die and end this pain” feeling. Then we start to look for different ways to die painlessly (no thanks to Google).

But wait, is death the answer? No. It’s not. The truth is: suicide is the coward’s choice. Very simple. You think suicide can give you peace? You’re very mistaken. The pain you’ll leave behind in the hearts of those who loved you is far greater and injurious than the one you feel now.

The common whim is: “Nobody wants me (sniffs). They all hate me. (sniffs) I just want to die and end all this.” Want to know the truth? It’s not that nobody wants you. It’s you who wants nobody. By choosing suicide, you mean to say that you do not want anyone in your life. It’s you who’s turned your back on the very few people who still care about you.

You might really feel the world is against you and that nobody wants you but I don’t think you’re looking hard enough. There’s definitely going to be someone or something that’s worth living for. For some, it’s an online friend, a baby sibling, a secret crush, for others it could be a huge dream. If you think you don’t have one, then look for it. You need to find one thing that makes you happy genuinely. Just one thing can be enough at times.

Life is very hard. True. It can be beautiful too. You cannot afford to be a coward and let things get to you. Talk to someone you really trust about how you feel. You’re here for a reason. These days are very dark but they’ll definitely pass. Hold on.

Happy teenage girl

Written by: Otuagomah Dhebbie Jhay

  1. Suicide is tough stuff. It does not matter where you are on this planet. It is all the same. Getting to the point where this is an option is pretty scary stuff. The utter hopelessness that one feels is a lie. Besides being a survivor, I have been there feeling this shit. There is always tomorrow and there are always people who care. But you would not know it when in the middle of one of these depressions.

    We have to understand that we are one. We have to be there for the other. The damage done by those killling themselves is horrible. The word even hurts.

    I do beleive that suicide is selfish but it is not the way of the coward. It is a decision that is permenent.

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  2. tuk2obitex says:

    Wow. First, this is beautiful writing. Suicide!! Suicide may not always be cowardice in all situation, (though I do not subscribe to it), but I think that in the situation where the person commits it because of real or perceived rejection or limitation is purely cowardice. like you rightly say, ” It’s not that nobody wants you. It’s you who wants nobody”.

    When I grow, I wish to write like this. Keep it up Dhebbie


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