8 ways teens can rule the world.

Posted: April 12, 2015 by fessyjay in Amazing Personalities
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Adults rule the world, that’s a fact of life, why aren’t teenagers ruling the world? Also adults own and operate everything. So what are you going to do about it? If you are going to succeed, you need to learn how to fit in the adult world.
Let’s look at a few ways we can rule the world.
1.Experience: teenagers lack experience that’s what most adult say about us. They believe teens have not been out on the real world and experience life independently as they do. But they’ve got it all wrong cause we do know that we don’t lack in experience. So you’ve got to be careful about the decision you take,cause they can have bad long term consequences.

2.Ignore your peers: an adult once hurled out in disappointment that we are an” insignificant fringe called teenagers” this didn’t sound good to my ears and I think he said it because he sees we teens as being surrounded by peer pressure. Now, compared to adults, we spend more time talking, gossiping and playing with our peers, this isn’t any good but you need to just ignore your peers and look forward to that time when you become independent to choose the kind of life you’ll live.

3.Education: it is one key to a good job. In today’s market, what you know, determines what you’ll earn and the good news is that you just need to acquire the right skills, attend classes and tty to know some segment of the business world because this is part of what you enjoy doing like; bead making,knitting, shoemaking, drawing and so on.

4.Good virtues: building a house is hard but how to build a moral framework for your actions is most important. This is what people will remember in your absence.
Try to possess good virtues, some of which are; truthfulness, diligence and so on.


5. Be confident: it turns out that lack of confidence is a terrible thing, it causes emotions that hurt and tears you down. If you are in the huge army of unconfident teenagers now, I know what you would think, if I were to say to you, “You can do it… Be confident” you would think, ” aye, that’s easy for you to say, but it doesn’t apply to ME. I am a loser, I am an idiot I am a weenie, I am miserable and I hate it”. Or maybe you are less extreme than that and you are merely disgusted with yourself at times. You can take away the cloth that’s been around your face and not making you see the true you. See yourself as a great person and work towards it.

6. Get a Job/ money: ever wondered why adults spend so much time thinking and talking about job,money and so on. Without money you cannot eat, you have no freedom. If you start thinking about it as a teenager, however you’ll gain a tremendous control over your life, why not have  job you really enjoy? Why not have a fun one?

7.Create a high-level vision: one thing you also need to know is that you can create a high-level vision of any position you occupy. This vision helps you to evaluate yourself and those around you. It allows you to be more strategic in your thinking. Once you’ve realized that it is possible, practice this skill and use it to accomplish things both great and one of the best.

8. Plan a successful future: there are incredible range of options that you have as a teenager, you get to choose exactly who you will be in future. That’s an awesome power! Design what you want your future to be like and walk in the path that will take you there.

It’s surprising that most adults think we teenagers are irresponsible to take charge of things but we do know that we no longer reason like the way they did when they were younger. We’ve got what it takes and we can make the world better!

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