A Youth In His Prime Time

Posted: April 13, 2015 by TheBrontide in Getting Inspired
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I want to first appreciate God for allowing me to meet this amazing teen blogger, Dhebbie Jhay. I also want to appreciate her as well for giving me the opportunity to write for teens.

My passion for writing came on when I first met Dhebbie. It is encouraging to meet a lot of people whose passion for humanity breaks the law of nature. Especially Dhebbie, the unapologetic tomboy. She’s fabulous and fabulous indeed. My writing today is about ‘The youth in his prime time’. I have heard, seen and figured out that the youth are the most important people in any organization. Whether it is politics, religion, culture or tradition. A youth in his prime time is very much needed to make it work. What do I mean? I mean a youth with a positive focus, a youth with creative ideas, power and vigor. A fearless compassionate youth who believes in the world becoming a better place for everyone.


Yes, the world may never become a better place because of the presence of evil. Youths that can rise up like little David in the scripture who challenged great Goliath. Face the devil (could be anybody) boldly and declare that they are youths in their prime time.

All my life as a little child, I was very quiet. You could hardly ever hear a word from me. I spent those years studying people and I discovered fear and confidence in the minds of every adult. Confidence in the sense that they can protect us, guide us and pick up our broken pieces. They can fight for us because of their strength but are afraid that we could overturn the old way, bring positive change to the society (which could be unfavorable to them). I like that kind of fear.

Be the youth who won’t allow the present economical, political and societal challenges to hold him back. Rather, become the youth who can motivate other youths to rise up with you to fight for change. A youth who does not scare easily. A youth who is sure that God by his side.


Written by: Okpimah O. Amos


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