How to make an unusual sandwich.

Posted: April 16, 2015 by fessyjay in Food and Culinary
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A sandwich is an easy and tasty meal that can be served as breakfast, lunch or dinner. Below you’ll see the way sandwiches are made.

First, you get your ingredients; bread, meat,veggies,egg,peanut butter, sliced onions,jelly,jam, tomato and garlic.

Now the basics:
1. Select the bread: it could be sliced or a whole loaf but make sure you pick a good one.

2. Choose your condiments: these aren’t required but they add to the flavour of the food, they include: peanut butter, jelly, mustard or jam.

3. Select your fillings: these should be your veggies which are tomato,garlic,salad cream, cheese and sliced onions. Choosing the right fillings is fun and you can be creative with this. Because what’s inside the sandwich determines which meal, it is appropriate for. You could try egg for fillings.

4. Assemble them: in order to have an wholesome meal, get your contents into layers. First place your sliced bread on a plate, spread your peanut butter or jam make sure it spreads to the edge then your vegetables should go in, followed by your sliced meat seasoned with your sliced onions and tomato. Then place the other piece which also has peanut butter on it. When you have it all done, slice your prepared sandwich into different ways, vertically or half the way. Then food is ready to be served.


1. Wash your hands before eating.

2. Don’t use spoiled food, you might get sick.

3. Make sure that your veggies are fresh.

4. Clean the table before use.

5. Decorate your sandwich a little bit or take a toothpick and put it through the top of the sandwich.


Yummy…. See how making a wonderful meal can be such fun! Show others that you are a good cook! Try it and tell us how it tastes!

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