Who am I?

Posted: April 16, 2015 by fessyjay in Getting Inspired
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You are in a position of incredible power when you ask yourself questions like ” who am I ?”and ” who do I want to become? You are the only one who can answer these questions. Many will probably think more about the latter but actually the former determines, because it is who you are.

When most people are asked of who they are, they will probably say ” I’m ….”, it all ends with the name. It’s more than just that, it goes far as asking “what am I good at?, Am I brave or shy?, Am I an orator or a good listener? Have I got what it takes to be me? What are my specializations? Then answering all these will put you in the stand for what you’ll become. Be it academics or social activities, you can be outstanding.

Every one is working towards perfection, for no one is perfect! Don’t say, ” I’m not brilliant” or ” I’m not just good at doing anything”. You have to work towards it. Sometimes you wish you were good at something but you feel it’s not possible. Well, you’ve got it in you, all you need to do is just build yourself up. Those you see among the great today, didn’t just rise in a day. It was a gradual process, for Rome was not built in a day.


Every seconds, minutes, hour and day draws us near to what we call the future, so take some time to examine yourself, know what you love doing, your dislikes, habits, dreams,interests, your allergies and discover more about yourself then will you get to know who you really are! See you at the top!

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