The Beginning of the End : My Journey to Drug Addiction.

Posted: April 21, 2015 by Dorian in Tough Stuff

Do you know what a monster is? Ever seen a wild animal rage relentlessly in a cage? If you do, then you’ll probably understand my story.

Forgive my manners. My name is Jessica, a 17 year old high school student. Head of my school’s Maths club,my classmates see me as a perfect geek but I’m good at other things too. I play the guitar quite brilliantly but secretly.

Mine is a family of erudite humans. Dad is a lawyer,mom a stock broker, Angelina (my older sis) is an engineering student and my immediate elder brother just got admission to study medicine.

That though, is not the issue. My life is falling apart and nobody knows. At school, I’m the Supergirl who makes boys look stupid by reeling off perfect definitions in Physics, Chemistry and Biology but at home.. I’m the helpless drug addict. Surprised? Don’t be.

It started in ss1, our neighbor’s nephew, Folarin had got a semester break and had decided to spend it with his Uncle who lived next door. He brought along the object that changed my life forever: his guitar.

I would watch him practise from my window every afternoon and soon, I was fascinated by his dexterity with the instrument and decided to learn. After so many practised speeches in front of the mirror one afternoon, I set out to tell him how much I really wanted to learn to play the guitar.

I got  to the gate, pushed it a bit and said timidly “Hi, I’m Jess, may I come in?”. He nodded,got up and came closer to where I was now standing. “Hello Jess, looking for someone?”. I shook my head and pointed to the guitar he was holding. “I really want to learn to play that. Will you teach me?”. He smiled bemusedly. “Sure,would you like to start now?”. I nodded eagerly.

We did start. Days rolled into weeks and weeks tumbled into months. I had become good at it. Folarin was proud of his student. “Wow, you learn quite fast”, he remarked one day. I smiled and said nothing. Then, I had a sound. Oh my! It was the horn of dad’s car. “I gotta go now,see yha”, I half shouted as I bolted through the gate.

I went in through the back door I had left open and ran into my dad on his way upstairs. “Where have you been?”. “Next door Sir”,I answered. “Doing?”. “I was showing Folarin a math problem Sir”, I replied. Dad nodded and went to his room.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I rarely lied but I couldn’t tell the truth in this case. Dad hates anything music, he believes music and acting are for the never-do-wells and I could get beaten if he found out what I’d been doing? Weird? Maybe.

Folarin left for school the following week,took my number and promised to buy me a guitar the next semester break. I was thrilled. We resumed too that week and I surprised a lotta people when I offered to show my classmates some guitar chords in Music class. Miss Stella was pleasantly surprised and didn’t hide it. “Jessica, that was quite beautiful, would you like to get the form for the teenage talent show slated for next month?, she asked, her cheeks far apart in a grin.

I looked at her for a moment and said, ” I’ll think about it Ma”. She nodded and moved on with her lesson. During break, I sat at my desk and began to daydream (I do that a lot). The possibilities were huge! I had no problem with singing and I’d learnt some chords that could help me through about 15 different songs. “Wow”, I said to myself, this was it! “Yes!”.

When I got home that day, I got a piece of paper and made a new schedule. I made time for reading and practice. But wait a minute.. I didn’t have a guitar. “Awwh”, I moaned, “what will I practise with?”, I asked nobody in particular and then, this idea popped into my head.

Early the next morning, I made for Miss Stella’s office. I came out grinning from one ear to another. She had agreed to allow me use the guitar in the Music room for an hour after school. It was just perfect. I could study at home after lunch too! Just perfect.

The next week, I got the form and had it submitted before the driver came for me. Have you noticed I’ve not talked about any friend? Oh, don’t go thinking I’m a snob. You’ll meet them soon.

I got home quite early and wolfed down my lunch. I got the novel I had borrowed from a classmate from my bag and started to read. And yea, by the way, we don’t watch TV at home. Did I just hear “weird” again? Well. I’ve not even started.

Anyways, to cut the long story short, I did go to the talent show, it was held on a school day actually so dad didn’t smell a rat. And yes, I did win. My mouth was wide open when my name was announced as the winner and I was too shocked to smile. I finally recovered and went to the podium to receive a trophy and a brand new guitar.

The next day at school, I was recognised on the assembly and cheered. It was a bit normal tho. There was no need to smile excessively. I had lost count of the number of times I had been called to the assembly to be praised. This was a bit different tho. It wasn’t for Maths, Physics or even Biology. I was being praised for singing and playing a guitar. Oh. The feeling.

I put the trophy away in my room and kept mum until the inevitable happened. My mother had met our Vice Principal at Shoprite and told her of my “talent”. She also informed Mom I got a trophy and more. Eessh! I felt like vanishing when I was summoned to the sitting room in the evening.

“Your mother has told me about singing competition. What were you given?” “A trophy Sir”. He pushed up his glasses a bit and asked me to go get it. Immediately I got to my room, I retrieved the guitar from where I kept it and shoved it under my bed. I went back to the living room and showed my parents the trophy. Dad only grunted and waved me away.

After some months, I had almost perfected my skills both at the guitar and sneaking (+ lying).
I had observed my parents’ pattern of movement. I would leave school by 2,hurriedly eat my lunch and practise till 4,freshen up and do my chores till 5 when my parents would return. My plan was foolproof!

I had been living that way until one day,when all hell let loose. Dad had forgotten an important document at home, it was a bit past three and I was dead to the world.  The sound of my name finally filtered into my ears and I looked up. There he was, staring at me like a animal who escaped from the zoo.

“What are you doing”, he said, surprisingly calmly. “I err.. Uhmm.. I.. Errmm”, I had probably lost my tongue. “When did you start to stutter!?” , he thundered. I flinched,put the guitar down gently and rose, my eyes stuck to the  floor”..

To be continued..

  1. Kev willion OCF says:

    Wow,cool!!! So when are we gonna read the rest of the story?


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