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Every Android device has a Developer Option, Can you Find it in Yours? I bet you do.. But if you can’t, just go to your phone settings and you’ll find it there. The Android developer option contain alot of cool stuffs that can be useful in making your Android Phone Better and Faster, And you don’t have to be a computer geek to be able to use it.
   To use the developer option you must have the option enabled, i know some of you may not want to change anything in fear of “messing up” your mobile device. Not to worry, the process is as safe as a S.A.F.E . For some phones, you can enable developer options by going to Settings > About, then tapping repeatedly on Build Number until Developer Options is enabled.
After Enabling Developer Option.. You can now go back to The Developer Option to Activate the Following Features


1. Enable and Disabling USB Debugging
You probably already noticed that most Android-related tools on your PC will require you to enable USB Debugging for the tool to run properly. That because without it enabled, the tools cannot establish a connection between your device and your desktop. To enable USB Debugging:

Go to Settings > Developer Options.
Tick on the USB Debugging checkbox.
Select OK when you’re prompted with a message saying “Allow USB Debugging?”.



2. Enable MSAA For OpenGL Games
If you like to play games on your Android device and you’re playing it using high-end Android devices, you might want to force enable MSAA to obtain a higher quality rendering of your in game graphics. This feature is turned off in some games by default because it can drain your device’s battery rather quickly. To enable FXAA:

Go to Settings > Developer Options.
Tap on Force 4x MSAA to enable it.

3. Disable or Speed Up Animations
When you move between apps and screens in Android, you’re spending some of that time looking at animations and waiting for them to go away. You can disable these animations entirely by changing the Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale options This will make your Android device faster. If you like animations but just wish they were faster, you can speed them up.

On a fast phone or tablet, this can make switching between apps nearly instant. If you thought your Android phone was speedy before, just try disabling animations and you’ll be surprised how much faster it can seems.

Go to Settings > Developer Options.
Scroll down and look for Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale.
Adjust the scale for the animation you want. The greater the number, the slower the animation (and the longer you have to wait).




4.Fake Your GPS Location
The Allow mock locations option allows you to set fake GPS locations, tricking Android into thinking you’re at a location where you actually aren’t. Use this option along with an app like Fake GPS location and you can trick your Android device and the apps running on it into thinking you’re at locations where you actually aren’t.

How would this be useful? Well, you could fake a GPS check-in at a location without actually going there or confuse your friends on Facebook and Other Social Media by seemingly teleporting around the world.

Go to Settings > Developer Options.
Look for Allow Mock Location and tick on it to enable.

5.Stay Awake While Charging
When you charge your phone, the screen of the device will automatically turn off. If for some reason you want it to stay awake, you can do that with these two steps:

Go to Settings > Developer Options.
Tap on Stay Awake to tick it

5.Process Stat
It shows you a tonne of data about what is going on in your smartphone or tablet .You can view activities running on your device and see how much ram space they are taking, You can also Force Close running background application that are not in use , thereby speeding up your device

Go to Settings > Developer Options.
Tap on Process Stats.


6.Show Touches
This option adds a visual cue on the screen wherever a touch is registered.

Go to Settings > Developer Options.
Tap on Show Touches


7. Simulate Secondary Displays
Allows you to select between a variety of screen size

Go to Settings > Developer Options.
Tap on Simulate Secondary Displays


8.Power menu bug reports
This adds an option to the menu you see when you press and hold the power key, allowing you to collect and send a bug report.

Go to Settings > Developer Options.
Tap Power Menu Bug Report



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