The Beginning of The End: My Journey to Drug Addiction. Pt. 2

Posted: April 28, 2015 by Dorian in Tough Stuff
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” Is this what you’ve been disturbing yourself with?”, he shouted. I shivered, shook my head slowly and said nothing. “Hand it over”,he said menacingly. “I won’t have a child who does nothing but fiddle with a stupid guitar!”. I gave it to him and took  step back. “Who gave it to you?” By now, my heart had started to pound. You see, I play the guitar but my dad “plays” the horse whip (koboko). And the strokes from that thing, my friend, are very very painful! “I won it,at the regional talent show”, I answered. He looked at me the way a lion looks at an antelope,turned and started to walk downstairs. I followed.

When we got close to the gate, he stopped. He raised the guitar and brought it down with a smash. It was as if I was hit with a piece of iron. I was too shocked to cry. He turned to me and said,”I want no distractions for you at all. Computer engineering has nothing to do with this nonsense” and walked away like nothing happened.

I opened my mouth to cry, but no sound came. I got up slowly and made for my room. I slumped on my bed and then,the sobs began. I opened my eyes some hours later. My head was pounding hard. I took some painkillers and went to sleep.

The next day at school, I was like a zombie. I did nothing but mope all day. “It takes a level of smartness to be good at the guitar too. It’s so unfair”,I muttered under my breath during lunch, occasionally wiping a stray tear. I was like that for some minutes until Amina, my bespectacled friend joined me.

“Hey, you okay? You’ve been acting real funny. What’s wrong?”. I looked at her straight in the face and blurted,”Dad smashed my guitar!”. Amina’s eyes leapt up in great surprise. “What happened??”. I let the left side of my face sink into a palm and told her my pitiable story. “Oh my, I’m so sorry. He probably didn’t want any distraction for you,you know”, she quipped. I raised one eyebrow. I hated it when people assumed I could be distracted by a guitar. Didn’t thy know I was too smart for that? For Goodness’ sake, I have a frigging schedule!! “Arrgh!”,I  moaned softly as I let my head drop onto the table. These people won’t just understand. They just won’t.

I was still battling with a math question when a junior student popped up beside me. “Yes?”,I asked,my eyes travelling his small body. “The Principal wants to see you”,he said in a funny voice. I faked a smile and thanked him.

When I got to the Principal’s office, I sighted Miss Stella. “Good afternoon Sir”,I greeted. He nodded, waved me closer and wasted no time in breaking the news. “The grand finale of the teenage talent show is next week Thursday. Do make our school proud again”,he smiled as he finished. I smiled too, this time genuinely but weakly. “Thank you Sir”. “I’ll see you after school”,Miss Stella added. I nodded and took my leave.

Back in my seat, I was by myself with happiness. Then I remembered, as far as music was concerned, I was grounded. Well, I decided to inform the Music teacher of my predicament after school. I got back to the math problem and solved it. Three periods later, I heaved a sigh of relief when I heard the bell go.

I saw Miss Stella in the music room, she was waiting for me. I quickly told her about everything that happened and she assured me I wouldn’t lose my chance. “I’ll talk to your dad”, she added. I thanked her and grinned from ear to ear like I had just won money.

At home, I read a bit and pushed the book aside. It wasn’t exactly boring, it was a Hadley Chase, but I was so anxious. Miss Stella had promised to come over to our house at 5:30pm so she could talk to my dad. I heard Dad come in at 5:10pm and I feigned sleep. After a while , I sensed he must have gone down to the living room and I sat up. When I heard a ladylike voice exchanging pleasantries with my father, a smile kissed my cheeks and I walked stealthily to the door. I opened it and tiptoed downstairs.

I got halfway and stopped to eavesdrop. I could see them too. Miss Stella sat opposite my dad and started to talk. She went on and on, telling him how good I was and how much better I could become if he allowed me partake in the competition. Dad listened to all she said,grunted and thanked her. “Madam, I’m not really interested in anything musical. It’s a waste of time. Jessica is a smart child and I don’t want anything that will make her focus on academics waver…”. “But excuse me Sir”,Miss Stella interrupted. “Please Madam, let me finish”,dad cut in. I lost hope. I knew where this was going. I gently left where I had been hiding and walked to my room. It was a lost case. I knew.

I expected dad to discuss it with me or at least tell me about who visited. But he said nothing. Not even at dinner. I ate little and went up to my room. This was the beginning of my questions. Since when did people started determining my future? And who said playing the guitar would in anyway distract my goal of studying computer engineering? I wasn’t really angry. I was sad..
And very disappointed. I could count up to 15 musicians and instrumentalists who were good in other fields too.

I curled up on my bed. My thoughts darted back and forth. I had made plans, a lot of them. From the moment I began to polish my skills,I knew I was would be known for something, at least nationally, before I clocked 20. But all those were nothing now. I really felt bad. I couldn’t read that day. Now, at this juncture, I’ll like to remind you of how much I daydream and that was my undoing. I had imagined myself on a stage,in front of a huge cheering crowd. I had imagined myself smiling as I curtsied and waved.
What was I to do now? I held my head in my hands and cried.

Then,suddenly, an idea came to mind. I hurriedly wiped away a tear and thought for a second. I smirked a little and pulled my pillow closer. I was going to that talent show,no matter what it would cost me.

  1. Kevy wonder says:

    Wow! Good..quite an interesting story. I would rather get beaten for doing the right thing at the right time in the wrong way…


  2. Kevy wonder says:

    Than having regrets over an opportunity I didn’t take…


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