Of life and dreams

Posted: April 29, 2015 by Arinola Lawal in Literary Corner
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Rob me of my dreams
And you’ve taken it all
Because on those pitch black days
Almost everyday recently
When I sit in the corner of my room
Selfishly wishing this charade would end
Its those dreams that stop the tears
And the urge to do something stupid

They think its their love that keeps me
I’m sorry that it isn’t
And that I haven’t done much to earn it
I can’t tell them any of this
It would break them
This is the least I can do
To keep their illusion alive
Since I can’t guarantee my life

They say its what they feel
That makes them want to hold me
Rock me
Protect me from evils unseen
Save me from my dreams
Because according to them
Those dreams cause more harm than good
But no, I refuse to accept it

On those nights when my breathing becomes laboured
And they come running, keys in hand
Because the baby monitor has alerted them
Even though I am no baby
Those nights, when the doctors try
And my parents are distraught with fear
The images of everywhere I want to go
They fuel my fight for life

So life, will you give me the time to live my dreams?

Written by: TheBrontide (Twitter)

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