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  They Say Death brings pain, Yeah, it does. I know of a lot of emotional pains caused by the death of a family member, But the Dani Tribe of Indonesia has taken the pain caused by Death of one’s loved ones to a whole new level. In the Dani tribe of Indonesia, when a family member dies,the women of  this tribe cut off the top half of one of their fingers upon attending the Funeral (which is a considerable amount, considering the fact that no part of the human body is negligible). Before amputation they would tie a rope or string around the upper part of the finger for about 30mins, making it numb for a less painful removal. This practice is derived from religious belief and rests on the fear that if the deceased were a powerful person while living, their essence would remain in the village in lingering spiritual turmoil.


  Ever imagined having a big buffet for animals?. I have a pretty wide imagination but i don’t think that ever crossed my mind.
A man named Yongyuth Kitwattananusont, an  hotelier suggested the making of buffet festival for Monkeys in the province Lopburi, Thailand. With the assistance and sponsorship of Tourism Authority of Thailand, he inaugurated Monkey Buffet Festival in 1989. In this festival, people set up tables and load it up with Fruit, Cakes, Flowers and Candies, then Monkeys are released and allow to have a share of the spoil, much to the amusement of the viewers. Two words come to my mind, Spoilt Monkeys!. Monkey Buffet Festival falls on 25th of November every year.



   Imagine you’re in a wedding and the bride was kidnapped, you’ll call that bleak right?. But the Romani have carried out this insanely criminal tradition for centuries. This culture of stealing the bride from under the nose of groom and guests with the wedding party in progress is still a regularly practised act in the Romanian capital. Some friends of the groom might decide to kidnap the bride. The ransom is all about few bottles of whisky or perhaps something more romantic. The guys who kidnap the bride negotiate via phone. This tradition is harmless and is celebrated as a risqué fun to nuptials.


    Now this is a real shocker!. Baby dropping is a cultural activity in India especially in the Maharashtra state of India. In this tradition, screaming, wailing and innocent babies (not like there’s anything like a guilty baby)  are dropped from several meters into the air, preferably from the top of a 50m tall building, and there are a group of 14 to 15 men standing right below, holding a blanket that breaks the baby’s fall. Just as it bounces on the blanket once, it is caught by one of the men and handed over to the mother. Understandably, it takes several minutes before the baby recovers from the shock.
    This Culture of Baby Tossing has been in practice for the past 700 years by Hindu and Muslim Indians. The ritual happens only once per year, and is believed to bring good luck to the baby, keeping it safe and healthy. It also ensures prosperity for the entire family. The ritual is generally meant for babies less than 2 years of Age. As many people may see this act as barbaric, the natives have held on to it and are not ready to give it up anytime soon.



Ever dreamed of a bachelors party in Vegas?. Cool Huh?.. For some of you, depending on who you are, you may find this way cooler. In Ethiopia, some grooms-to-be have their own “bachelor party”, a rite of passage they must complete prior to being able to marry. Participants must successfully jump over a castrated male cow four times while naked, symbolizing the childhood they are leaving behind them. If successful, they will now be considered one of the Maza( other men who passed the test) and will spend the next few months supervising these events in villages throughout the Hamar territory.


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