Should We Always Follow Trends?

Posted: May 2, 2015 by Dorian in Fashion; Pretty & Cute
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Should we always follow ‘TRENDS?’
Hmm, I don’t know how many of us wake up every morning and you’re just like ‘what am I going to wear today?’ I’m thinking it’s a common thought?… well for we teenagers, whether you admit it or not, there’s always that urge to wear what is trending, wear what everyone says is ‘cool’ or for the girls ‘on fleek’ I still don’t get that, but anyways, it’s just something that’s in us. Yay for those ones who never have that feeling.

First, I just want to establish the fact that just as it is said, you will be addressed based on how you a dressed. If we want to be honest, we agree that ‘trends’ of today are far, I mean far from decent and if we would love to be addressed well, we should know that in times like this, trends should be shunned. As a person, I dress based on my mood, and of course the occasion I am dressing for, we all have our criteria’s for dressing but the point is you should look decent and nice.

Whoever said the two didn’t go together is a liar. I’ve seen numerous girls that looked so, so good and at the same time decent. Plus I noticed that your dressing determines the kind of attention you get, when next you’re out looking beautiful and decent, notice the people that get attracted to you, you can try it the other way around and see for yourself too.
Trends?… nah, I’ll go with decency.
What about you??

Written by : Rubie Targema-Takema


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