Posted: May 2, 2015 by Dorian in Relationship & Friendship
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One or if not the only reason of break-ups or separation is LACK OF COMMUNICATION.
Its amazing how whenever there’s a problem, you realise that someone didn’t tell the other person something.

We are teens now…. true! But majority have found themselves in relationships. If you’re capable of handling it with you studies and all, you can go for it, but it’s up to you explaining that to your parents.

We are human beings; the way God has made our minds to work is amazing. As we grow, the mind also grows and it tends to begin to see things from a perspective depending on how you as an individual views life, although it’s advisable to learn the act of critical thinking which is being able to see things from different angles without necessarily being biased to a particular side.

So, because this is the way our brains work, it is important you communicate how you feel to whom you are with, don’t ever assume that the person knows or the person understands. It’s very common to hear “O thought you knew” or “I know you understand”. Even if the person did, make it clearer.

Tell them how you feel, tell them of something they did or said hurt you, tell them you’re not okay with something they might be doing. Let them know. Communication is key!

When next you get into a misunderstanding with a boyfriend… sorry, a friend that is a boy, find out who isn’t communicating and you, be the mature one and initiate the communication. Works all the time!
What says you??

Written by Rubie Targema-Takema


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