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I was going to use Mom. Yep. She’s the only one Dad actually seems to love. Well, it’s not like I’m saying he doesn’t love us, I’m just saying he really loves her more than us. Only God knows what it is they talk about when they sit in the living room to chat after dinner. Mom is always busy tho. She’s a stock broker and

the bring-work-home kind of mom. I decided to talk to her today after school today.

At school, during lunch break, I told my friends about my plan. “What do you think?”, I asked, waiting earnestly to hear something. “Oh,well, I think it’s a nice idea. I hope it works.” Amina said. It definitely will. “Their chemistry is real tight”, I mentioned. Ngozi smiled and said, ”oh, spare me. They are oldies for Christ’s sake”.

I smiled again and started to play with my nails. These girls have no idea. My parents do love each other. Sometimes, I used to think my siblings and I were a backup plan or something. I remember when my big brother, Donald asked Dad to buy him a new laptop when he got admission.  Dad looked up at him,away from his newspaper as if Donald had just asked to be told the name of Adolf Hitler’s grandmommy. He went on to lecture my brother about wastefulness and wise spending. It only took one sentence from Mom to seal the deal. I just hope she hasn’t already been convinced by Dad. I hope she agrees to help me.

Just when I was about perfecting my “kindly help me” speech, I sighted Cynthia walking over, Amanda and Bisi behind her. Ughh. What now?

Oh, sorry! I hadn’t introduced her earlier. Do you know those “Preppy Barbie princess”, “terribly talkative and annoyingly dumb” kind of girls? Aha. Cynthia is the queen of  those type at our school. She’s taller than I am, slim, fair-skinned and actually pretty. Now, don’t go thinking I’m jealous or something (my hair is way longer!!). No way! How would I envy a very preppy girl who knows nothing but dance? Well, just so you know, she did come 2nd at the Talent Show just because she wiggled this way and that,( you get it, I so don’t like her, you’d soon know why later). Since then, she’s assumed the role of a rival, trying to outdo me(not in a Biology quiz, I’m sure).

She finally catwalked to my seat. A hand to her waist, she flipped her ponytail and gave me a fake smile.  I returned the favour. “I heard you wouldn’t be able to make it to the grand finale”. Goodness. Bad news can really travel fast! I nodded. “Awwh, that’s bad. Too  bad”, she said, her lips flattened in mock sympathy. “ Worry not, I’ll take the trophy for our school, see yha!”, she finished and walked away with her entourage.

I curled my lips in complete irritation and said nothing. Amina put her hand on mine and said some words I didn’t quite get. I pulled away and stood. “ I’ll see you guys later”, I said and headed towards my class.

I was really exhausted when I got home. I quickly went upstairs to my room, changed my clothes and fell fast asleep. It was the last term as a senior school freshman. I couldn’t wait to write exams.

The sound of the fan woke me, PHCN was fair to us around here. Ngozi’s area hadn’t seen light for about three weeks now. I quickly left my bed and went to grab a bite. When I was done, I sat at my table, thinking about how I’d convince Mom.

Four hours later, we were done with dinner and I was back in my room. Come on,Jess. The Talent Show is tomorrow, you gotta do all yo can. “I know!”, I almost shouted at the voice in my head. I left my room and walked gingerly towards Mom’s. I knocked and I waited..

To be continued..
Liking the story so far? Can you predict what will happen next? I’d love to know what you think!

  1. Kevy wonder says:

    Depending on how you talk to mum about it,she would agree to help and dad would agree to her proposal…


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