Posted: May 8, 2015 by Dorian in Relationship & Friendship
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1.  Loves You— He just loves you! He doesn’t judge you one bit. Even when you have a really funny nose or eyes, he tells you they fit real good. He accepts you just the way you are and doesn’t want

you to change for him!

2.   Motivates You— He’ll give you 1001 reasons why your ideas would work. He inspires you. He’s not a downer and doesn’t laugh at your ideas at all.  He’s your greatest fan. Even when you sing in a not-too-good voice, he listens and cheers you. He’s the number one reason you’ll want to work harder and be a better you.

3.   Listens to You— He allows you to finish your story and tells you what he thinks later. He listens to your tearful and moody rants. Even when he doesn’t understand what you’re trying to put across, he keeps saying, ‘’it will be fine’’ and doesn’t jump to any crazy conclusions. He’s the only one you want to talk to when you’re in a bad mood. Even when you shout, “leave me alone!” or you change your display picture on your messaging app to “keep calm and get lost!”, and everybody keeps away so you’d not get mad at them, he’ll still text you so you’d talk to him.

4.   Feels like home— he’s the person you’re totally free with. You tickle him suddenly, nibble at his ears and do things other peeps see as really childish with him. LoL! My best friend is a dude and I practically covet all of his clothes. Even when you tell a bad joke, you probably don’t notice because he laughs so hard. You keep your pen in your bookbag and accuse him of hiding it. You can talk for hours and it would still feel like thirty minutes!

5.   Stands up for You— he doesn’t allow other peeps to talk about you in a whack way. He defends you behind your back and right in front of you. He covers for you and has your back all the time.

6.   Enhances You—  He make you a better you. He makes the best emerge from you and adds flavor to your dreams and goals. You’ll always  want to do better because he always cares about what you do.

7.  Makes You happy—He makes you feel really warm inside. His smile will make your gloomy day very bright. He fills you with so much joy!!

If you’ve got a friend who has these awesome features, hold on and never let go!
Do you think I’ve missed out a feature?? Let me know what you think!

  1. joristophine says:

    Thanks. Beautiful. In addition, an awesome friend is that who never for once take the relationship for granted, tongue lash nor judge it when issues arise. “Quarrels and misunderstanding is allowed but missing out the understanding quarrels bring is the problem” Jetmogah’s quote

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  2. Kevy wonder says:

    Oh my… A true friend is more than your own brother and when you find one,don’t let go…One of the challenges of this world is that of finding a true friend bcos they av a positive influence on your life and your career so they become so hard to find as negativity surrounds our environment these day…They are like treasures and permit me to say they like streams in the desert because when no one is there for you,they come with that smile that makes your heart almost melt down completely and their words seem to blow your troubles away… I don’t have a best friend in body though but I know what it means to have a true friend because I take the relationship btw me n Jesus as an example of a true friend. If I should keep writing about true friends,I bet this blogger would throw me off in red.

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