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We all are aiming for something, something big,extraordinary or super. But the question is : “are we good enough to be called goal getters?” The dream of achieving anything first comes from

the mind and this mind has to be full of plans.

My research on remarkable people like: Thomas Watson, Bill Gates, Michael Dell and Isaac Newton has answered a lot of questions in my mind about unexploited goals still undiscovered and how to achieve them.
Among the goal getters we see awesome people like;
1. Wright brothers; they made possible the dream of man’s flight byy enduring the trials and not being discouraged even though it seemed impossible.

2. Ken Olson; an American engineer who was awarded by the computer history museum for his introduction of the minicomputer and co-founding of digit equipment corporation.

3. Mark Zuckerberg; an American computer programmer and internet entrepreneur. He is best known as the founder of the social network, Facebook.

4. Joanne Kathleen Rowlings; a novelist best known as the author of Harry Potter and the best selling book in the U.K she’s also known J.K Rowlings.

5. The Beatles; this group known as “the  fab four” were widely regarded as the greatest and most influential act of the rock era.

6. Mike Adenuga; a Nigerian business tycoon and one of the richest  black people in the world, he controls Nigeria’s second largest telecom operator ” Globacom”.

7. Helen Keller; the first deaf- blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree. She was a great writer and strove to be among the best, although she was physically challenged but she gave no room for pessimistic thoughts.

Even among the teens/young adults, we have;
1. Mo’ne Davis ; a 13-year old black female athlete, who is making waves for being good at Cricket, a game dominated by males.

2.  Jazz Jennings; aged 14, she’s best known for her transgender visibility in the media and as become the youngest person ever featured on the Out 100. She believes she has a girl brain but a boy body.

3. Flynn Mcgarry,15; when many of his peers were still picking around the green stuff on their plates, he emerged as the chef du jour in the culinary industry and owns a restaurant that serves tasty menus at $160 per person.

4. Troyes Sivan,19; a South African- Australian who broke through as an actor in X-men origins; Wolverine and is a successful musician.

5. Ciara Judge,16, Emerge Hickey,17 and Sophie Healthrow, 17: this trio took the grand prize at the Google science fair after wowing the judges with their discovery of a bacteria which speeds up the germination of cereals by sucking up nitrogen from the atmosphere.

Looking at what they’ve achieved, it can be seen that they’ve made smart goals which were:
-Realistic and
They overcame fear which is an acronym for;

They made me know that;
* a dream with a date becomes a goal.
* any dream without a date can also become a goal.
* dream fulfills destiny.
*dream-> date->goal->plan-> action.
Who’s next? I’m next. What about you?

Look inside, you have many gifts which are waiting to be discovered. Develop your health, wealth, relationships and have it in mind that financial ignorance will frustrate your destiny.
I look forward to seeing your goals being achieved. See you at the top!

Written by : Festus Adenike Joy (Facebook)

  1. O'kevwe says:

    Wow,that’s great!!! Purpose brings dreams while dream exhale goals. When you have goals,hidden plans will become visible and when the hidden plans become visible it will call for your action but take this precaution along “Never fail to act in every opportunity you get” because opportunity is the most costliest thing to find along the road to destiny and it can’t wait till you’re ready to act but practice your act till you’re ready to act.

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